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    Eutrophication and over nutrition - What are its after effects.

    It is a process of alternation of water bodies like ponds, lakes, etc. into a dry land due over nutrition. It is a natural process and occurs due to the geological aging of water bodies. It is the combined effect of over nutrition and increased plant productivity. When sewage and agricultural runoff water containing nutrients like phosphates, nitrates, etc. from detergents, fertilizers, or pesticides enter into a water body leads to over nutrition and Eutrophication.


    1) Phosphate stripping using coagulents of lime (CaO).
    2) Using microorganisms.
    3) Using physico-chemical methods to remove nutrients.
    4) Removal of algae during their decay and decomposition.
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    This is a good one and a vital information that will go along way to bring sanity to the environment. There is a need for more of this in this site in order for members to be educated.
    Adesola Adeyeye

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