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    What is sewage - Is sewage treatment necessary ?

    Sewage is the liquid waste which include industrial water waste, domestic waste, groundwater waste, etc. It consists of organic and inorganic substances in suspended, colloidal and dissolved form. It also consists of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria which can decompose the organic matter present. In the presence of sufficient quantity of oxygen, aerobic oxidation takes place producing inoffensive nitrates, phosphates, sulphates etc. In the presence of less amount of oxygen, anaerobic oxidation takes place producing methane, amonium, sulphate, phoshines etc. which can produce foul smell. Thus sewage treatment is necessary as dumping such wastes into water bodies is toxic and harmful for human life.
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    Sewage is actually waste water since it contains solid forms in suspension or in solution form. It is characterized by volume or rate of flow, physical condition, chemical constituents and bacteriological organisms that it contains. Some people refer to sewage as sewerage. But sewerage is the infrastructure that conveys sewage. Sewage include sanitary, commercial, industrial, agricultural and surface runoff.. From households waste from the kitchen and sanitary sewage also add to sewage. From the atmosphere particulates get dissolved and also leaches materials from vegetation and soil too add to the sewage.

    Sewage treatment is necessary before that water gets mixed up with other water sources. In most of the factories this treatment plant will be there but may not be working. The mixing of sewage with water bodies such as river, lake, etc. very often causes the fish kill or other problems. It affects the ecosystem there and several living organisms will slowly disappear from the area.

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    The sewage problem is all over. It is not perculiar to a particular country. This should be well taken care of to prevent the recurrent sickness and diseases associated with the linkage of this into the river, stream and soil.
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    Industries causing pollution through the disposal of sewage produced as a byproduct of their production process are supposed to have made all necessary precautions to purify the waste water before getting mixed with other water sources.

    This sewage does damage to living organisms in another way also. It leads to high productivity (eutrophication) in the water body and thereby cause depletion of oxygen. This causes death of fishes or other living organisms in water.

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    During a survey about the largest river of Kerala, Periyar, I had a certain experience regarding the contamination taking place on the banks of the river.In a Panchayath I noticed that about a hundred small dwelling homes were just facing the roads almost in a row. Backside of these houses were open to a small stream. These houses had no septic tanks. They have only pits which is open to the stream. So every day hundreds people clears their bowels to this stream and contaminates its water. This stream joins with the river Periyar. Naturally the water of Periyar also get spoiled and evidently become filled with salmonella species of micro organism. Most significant part of this story is that most of the Panchayaths, Municipalities and Kochi Corporation collect water pumping from this river. People of all these area ise this water for all household purposes including drinking and cooking!
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    It should be made compulsory that every industries or factories which dispose their wastes should only be allowed after proper treatment as this can lead to huge problems.

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    Waste water from households and industry, they commonly together with water runoff from urban areas, is conveyed by the sewerage system to sewage treatment plants for safe and economic treatment of sewage. The type of plant will depend on where it is located, what sewage it needs to treat, how many people use it. The plant contain mainly two steps of treatments, primery and secondary.

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    Sewage includes all types of waste. It is poisonous as it consist of several harmful chemicals. So we can in other words conclude that treatment of this sewage is important.
    Sewage can be from many places. The sewage coming down from industries are very poisonous. The industries dump their waste into either water or air. This can result in water and air pollution. When these toxic chemicals reach inside the body of humans and marine animals it can even lead to their death. Also the household waste, even though they are less poisonous should also be properly treated. They can also lead to several problems in living organism including humans.
    Thus the industrial and household wastes should be treated before they are let into the nature. Harmful chemicals and other toxic materials should be removed from it before it is disposed into water and air.
    Try to be more eco friendly.

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