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    Do you miss the IPL team 'Kochi Tuskers Kerala' ?

    It was a great hope for all the malayalee cricket players when 'Kochi Tuskers Kerala' arrived into the field of IPL. It was the great chance of all players from Kerala to show their talent and thereby enter into the Indian team's top 11 list. But all these hopes and excitements were washed out when Kochi team has fallen apart. What is the reason behind Kochi team's fall and how it will affect the young talented players of Kerala. ?
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    Yes, we are really missing our Kochi tuskers team. It's a best opportunity to get a position in international cricket for hosting cricket matches in kochi. IPL attracts more international matches to Kochi. Many youngsters will get a good platform for their career. More foreigners will attract to Kochi but unfortunately we lost our team. Let's hope next year we will host IPL in Kochi by creating a new team for Kerala.

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