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    Books day, children's book day, 'Earth day' in April

    April is a month in which world celebrates different special days. It is being organized by UN under its different sub organizations like UNESCO, UNEP, etc. Book is one important product of human civilization. Think of a day when there was no books. May be perhaps these books are replaced by other electronic gadgets (e-books) which already have come into being. But the books have still its own role in the human society. So to give more importance to it the UNESCO started celebrating April 23 as World Books day. Also on April 2nd the World's Children's boos day is celebrated. This day was the birth day of Hans Christian Anderson. April 23 coincides with the death day of famous William Shakespeare.

    UNEP started celebrating April 22 as World Earth Day. Now it has more importance in the sense man is doing all possible harms to the Earth just for his temporary happiness and quick money. Environment is destroyed to the extent that the living on this earth is almost becoming impossible. Hence more attention need be given to propagate the idea of conserving a good atmosphere around the mother earth.
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    These are lists of public holidays for celebration in the month of april. April has a lot of celebration among which are earth day- celebrating the earth.
    Adesola Adeyeye

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