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    Tips for safe use of mobile phones.

    Mobile phone is an unavoidable equipment in everyone's life. It is very useful for communicating with people across the globe. Facebook, watsapp, youtube, video calling, online jobs, etc. can all be done using this.

    But there are many de-merits and measures have to be followed while using mobile phones. Share all the measures which include radiation problems, over usage, addictives, health hazards, time wasteage, and all that everyone should follow for a better health and happy life. How can these problems be eradicated as its usage is an unavoidable thing in our daily life.
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    Mobile phones are very useful electronic equipment in present life. We can communicate to all the people in and around the globe using it. Now a days lots and lots of smart phones are launching in our market and people are eagerly waiting to buy new mobiles with better softwares and other uses.

    But there are lots of demerits for it. Its radiation causes serious diseases like cancer, damages our brain and affects many other parts of human body. Its over usage also leads to the increase in E- wastes and thus leading to many environmental pollutions. Childrens also do become adicted to mobiles and wastes their valuable time. So neccesary actions should be taken by those who are responsible for these demerits.

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    We can use mobile phones for good and bad purposes. Its all depends on our mind. First we have to control over mind, doing bad things and we must think about what we going to do. We should develop mind controling power, and all go good. Think good live better.

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    Yes, the mobile phones are considered as a blessing given to this world by the technologies. They connect the people across the world. We can contact with anyone when we are anywhere around the world. Also the large amount of applications like Facebook, Twitter etc. in mobiles can make our life enjoyable. But this does not mean that mobile phones have no bad effects.
    These mobile phones emit a certain kind of radiation which is very harmful for our brain. The worst affected are the children who has a very large sensitive brain. These can lead to brain tumours and several other harms. Also fake messages are common to the people who uses mobile phones. Some people may fall for this and it can danger their lives.
    Mobile phones was made with a good motive in mind. But whether these are good depend on how we use it. We should stop the overusing of these mobile phones for any purpose and thus we all together can create a better world.

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