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    Things to remember while attending an interview.

    Interview is an unavoidable event in everyone's life. One day or other everyone will experience one. So it is essential to know all the rules and regulations that should be followed. The main problem that the present generation facing is the fear of interview. Everyone manages to score top class grades in their written examinations but fails in their interviews. Thus frequent and proper trainings should be given to all the students from the start itself.

    Colleges usually do train students but its not enough in my opinion. Students should develop good reading habits and should always be updated to the events happening around. Watching Hollywood movies, speaking with others regularly, taking part in stage programs, etc. all will help students in the long run. Companies will only place a student if he or she is apt and is an asset for them as a whole. Do suggest some tips to improve in one's interview.
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    Interview is a situation that we face while searching a job.Good performance is necessary to be selected in an interview. We should also take care of our dress codes as it will give a first impression on you. Light coloured dresses are most probably choosen.

    There are some points that we should keep in our mind. You should have some self confidence. Interviewer always askes to explain about yourself and for that you should highlight your possitive aspects and future planes to impress the particular company. Always answer to the point which they ask. These will help you to manage up a good job through interview.

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    Interviews are like filters to take the best. • Imoresion • Knowledge • Brain • Interaction • Academics This are some main factors which mast need for interview. And as we all says first impresion is the best impresion. Confidence and practice help to get over the filter , the interview.

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    1. Keep Calm....
    2. Be Confident....
    3. Speak Up.....
    4. Dress Properly.....
    5. Have good Posture.....
    6. Have Eye Contact....
    7. Know the Company.......
    8. Always wear a smile on your face....
    9. Be on time.....
    10. All the Best.........

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    Yes it's quite right that interviews are unavoidable point . at some or the other juncture we are bound to face one so it's important to know some loop holes and tips to guide your way through interview.
    1) Always keep your calm and cool before interviews. It's very important to be confident while attending an interview.
    2) Be presentable , wear formal dress and be neat and tidy. As we know 1st impression is the best one .
    3) Be yourself , people always tend to hide there true self . Its of no use because the interviewers are trained professionals so be yourself.
    4) Keep eye contact while interview is being commenced . It shows that u are confident.
    5) Don't beat around the bush . Be specific to what they ask for.
    6) Use adjectives like sir and madam while confronting interviewer . It shows your respect.
    7) Commonsense is a must for interview. its your presence of mind that would help you.
    8) Use hand gestures while stating your point.
    Theses are some do's nd dont's for interviews.

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    Thank you all for sharing such important tips on how to attend an interview. This will be valuable for all as interview is important and unavoidable one for every people. More tips are invited.

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