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    How to fight against stage fear ?

    Stage fear is a main problem that most of the people faces. With this problem no one can achieve well in their future. Fear to face an audience can only be overcome through regular practice. No matter how much mistakes you make, try to perform with confidence. Then the other necessary things will automatically come with us in due course. If you have any other techniques to fight against this problem then do comment below. Thank you.
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    First and foremost thing is to develop self confidence in yourself. Never miss a chance to perform in front of people. It will buildup your talent and improve in fields where you are weak. Mistakes do happen and it is the only remedy to make yourself perfect.

    I was very scared to face an audience or speak few words in front of a crowd. But my teachers have trained me well during my schoolings and have helped me a lot to express my thoughts and ideas ideas public. I am always thankful for that. So do practice practice and keep on practicing. That's the important thing to fight against stage fear.

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