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    Do you believe in Horoscope ?

    I am writing this forum because these days i accidentally gone through some books and articles about my star (Nakshathra) and explored some truth in these horoscope, stars and all that. I was not at all a believer of all these but the things that i read matched exactly with my life. Do these stars really come in control with our life or is it just a trick of those people who writes all these things which are commonly happening to everyone.

    I have also seen in TV channels that there are negative radiation in earth which will affect our better living conditions. Do all these exist. I don't believe in all these stuffs but thought of discussing with you people so that i can know more about it. Opinions and experiences are invited. Thank you.
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    I do believe in horoscope because i have gone through many situations where my star sign has told exactly the same. I thing there are negative powers also which will affect us in the long run. But never give much dedication and belief in all these stuffs as there are many people who tries to misuse this belief on common people to loot money and other wealth. But there are also many things that there horoscope could not judge about people. It depends on the particular person and his experiences in life to believe in horoscope and all.

    Regards, Binil James

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    There is a mistake in the statement. There is nothing to worry about believing in a horoscope. Only in the predictions based on horoscope one has to doubt.
    Horoscope is just showing the positions of the nine stars and planets at the time of your birth, presented in particular format. It is Astronomy.

    Next part that you are doubting is the result of these stars' positions.If such and such positions are occupied by such and such star (planet) you will have success in your ventures, etc. This part of interpretation has not been accepted by scientists. There is no scientific backing for the interpretations.
    Always you can expect something will happen or not. Only two results, one you call success and the other failure. Both have the same chance also it is certain that one result will occur. If it is success people go on telling about it, if failure no discussion will be there about the horoscope. It is just like this that the astrology has come into being.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    I dont know much about horoscope, but some insidents may related to our life.
    Its all our wish to believe it or not. I've a very little faith in horoscope.

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    The effect of stars and other celestial objects on non-human entities on earth are scientifically established. Examples are the effect of moon's magnetic field causes tides and the sun's also to a lesser extent. Also, we heard about the memory metal, morphing of different metals at zero gravity space to form alloy which can change shape while brought into gravity field.
    In the same way, celestial objects have influence on humans also. But it is not scientifically established. The universe is rapidly expanding. It is highly dynamic. Hence its effects on humans are highly complex. The study can be possible only if we are able to quantify mathematically the emotions, wills etc of the human beings.
    The interpretation of its effects on humans without scientific back up lead to superstition. So, believing /none believing is individual choice.

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    I dont take it seriously, because the people ,who see and told about our future is not good.They see our horoscope for only making money.So they told related to our wishes , that means first of all they ask some questions about our wishes in a trickly manner and then say, it could happen in our future.People think that it should happen in the future and get disappointed.So it is waste of time. I believe my courage ,so i dont need any horoscope.When people take it seriously they became mad at last.

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    I don't believe in Horoscope...........
    Not any specific reason but ya........
    If one could predict things then everything would have been in our favor but its not the fact.......
    Can any1 natural things that may/ going to happen.......NO!
    If 1 true...If no....then False.....
    everyone has his/her point of view of beleaving it or not....

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