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    Number of divorce cases on the rise in Kerala

    As we all know, the number of divorce made is greatest in Kerala over the past years. Neither one among a couple is ready to accept their failures and ends up with divorce. Is it the lack of maturity or modern way of malayalee people to not understand others and always thinks they are write. No one is ready to admit their mistake and understand his or her partner.

    It is Kerala's culture to marry a stranger ( i meant arranged marriage). Is it okay to live with such a person whom you don't even know. You may only come to know about his or her character way after their marriage. I know many families which are just like hell. They are simply living in sake of others. What's your opinion on this. I hope such a question is okay for a discussion here. Hoping for good responses.
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    This is not at all surprising because we always follow arranged marriage as our culture. So it is very difficult for the newly wedded couples to understand them pre-hand. Thus such relationship fails whereas there are lots of other cases where family is living happily. There the women should be appreciated as she is ready to understand and fulfil all the needs of her husband.

    Love marriage will be trustworthy and no one except those couples will be responsible for their happy life. To built up a healthy relationship the main factor essential is ready 'trust'. If this factor is lacking in your relationship then it will not go much further. Falling in relationships can also be a trap and may cause permanent scar in your life, so think twice.

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    In fact one cannot conclude that love marriages will not end up in divorce. There are several examples around us. Even without hearing the parents' words the couple unite and live together, but only for a couple of months or a little more. They depart. This is in a way due to economic reasons. Both the boy and girl are now earning in most of the cases. Each prefer independence. They have enough education to take independent stand. Might be that the are coming from different backgrounds. So adjustments become difficult. Since each has enough income they find it easy to live separately than living together in a cloudy atmosphere.
    Earlier in most of the cases in a family the earning member will be the husband. So wife is forced to obey him. Even though they might not be divorced, but would be leading a divorced life within the same house.

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    Our culture deside, how to live. Today Kerala following western life, in this change we dont think about family life. Now value of family ( father, mother etc) Youth think about party, club etc . fun fun fun all through life. When they get married , dont know how to manage family and not to solve problems, so clash may occure and ends in divorce. I think this are because less family relations and love.

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    Another point that needs attention is that now a days love marriages take place very often. May be due to contacts at the colleges or at work places. This leads to marriage. In such cases the couple may not look into several social aspects.

    For example different castes, in the beginning it may not be a problem, but once it comes to mixing with old aged people when in ones native place, certain issues develop. This slowly brings a gap among the husband and wife. This may happen when a child is born. Several social ceremonies will be there, which may be different for each caste. There again the differences pop up. Like that there will be several causes which finally lead to divorce.

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    I agree with your point sir but i am confused that will arranged marriage be satisfactory? Such marriages are done with out even understanding each other. How such married life be happy when your partner is a total strainger to you. Thus such unsatisfied couples have no choise other than divorse.

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    The problem is not of arranged marriage or love marriage. The main problem is lack of understanding between them. In arranged marriage, the family will enquire all details about each other and if it is ok only the marriage will happen. They also enquire the characters of each others who are getting married. So after marriage they have to understand each other and should lead a good life with support of parents. In most love marriage cases family will be against and they will agree without full interest. Then when problems arise no one will be their for support. So in order to live happily, understanding is needed, type of marriage doesn't matter. Divorce cases arise due to lack of understanding between each other and of ego and complex. Both of them should cooperate to lead a happy life.

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