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    Habit of buying and reading books

    There are several printers and publishers of books. Almost everyday new books come to the market. But I have heard certain speakers in their public speech stating that the habit of reading is dying. Do you agree with this statement?

    Do you read books regularly? If so where from you are getting them. Have you taken a membership in a library near house? Or are you buying the necessary books?
    Do you have a home library? If yes, approximately how many books are there? Have you read all of them? Do you lend your books to others?

    What type of books are liked by you, Novels, Short stories, Articles, humor, dramas, poems, or any other? Which was the book you read recently?
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    It is very ideal for everyone to be a reader not only buying books to keep in the library. Readers are always leaders because they have a wide horizon of knowledge. Leaders that are respected based on their leadership skills are Barrack Obama- the United state of America president. So, I believed it is good to buy books but the ultimate is to read the books rather decorate your homes with it.
    Adesola Adeyeye

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    I love to read many new things and update new informations but i have rarely bought and read any books. I usually read all the necessary details online and also spend time bloging. But i think its a bad habit to read books rarely which are available in market because it not only gives us a unique feeling but also, there are lots of books that we should read and understand out there that online cannot contribute. I like to read books that helps in our physical and mental developments. They are very useful for us in the long run. Even though i read less books, the one which struck me most was the book named "Who will cry when you die?" written by 'Robin Sharma'. Everyone should read this book as it tells us how we should lead our life so that there may be people around you crying and weeping when you die. Also do share some of the valuable books which you people have also read. I will be more than happy to read them. Thank you.

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    Book reading cannot be replaced with reading on line, that is what I feel. To me reading something from computer screen is a strenuous exercise. May be I am aged and my eyes might be struggling to catch up the words. Hence I read books, which sometimes I buy, or I take it from library.
    Gold Member, SPK

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    Yes i know a lot of facts on reading books and its benefits. And i am also a good reader of books. It is true that today the quest for reading has declined among us people. This is mainly because of the gaining technologies in the world which include computers and mobile phones which take away a large amount of time away from us.
    Now i will answer the questions you have asked. As i have said above i love to read books. I would collect these books from my cousins who has a large number of books or even from my friends. I have a library in my home. It is not a large one and only may have up to a maximum of 30 books which all i have read.I love to read fiction novels based on crime. My favourite authors involve Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie while my favourite characters are Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot. I have a complete craze of reading the novels written by both.
    Finally i would love to say that the reading is indeed a good habit. We should try to bring it about in our list of doings.
    Thank You........

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    Reading is certainly a good habit. Now a days people buy books in order to fill their home library. Most of them are not reading. Whatever it is, through online or through books reading should be there. As famous malayalam poet Kunjunni master said, 'Vayichal valarum, vayichillenkil valayum'. If we read books we can gain knowledge and also knows the world in a different way. Reading always influence in the human behavior. If someone is having good reading habit, he will also have a good character.

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