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    Is it advisable to take basic medicines without consulting a doctor ?

    I was suffering from viral fever for few weeks and i didn't bother much until my temperature rose up to 103 degree. I was really down by then and also lost much weight. I kept eating paracetamols without any prescription of doctors and forced temperature to drop. It didn't cure permanently but kept rising and lowering throughout. Thus finally i set myself to a hospital nearby and said my symptoms to the doctor. He almost got angry at me for using paracetamols. He advised me that, it will not kill the virus present inside but rather reduce body temperature by making our 'White Blood Cells' (WBC) inactive. He also added that body temperature is a natural process by our body indicating the attack against virus and no one should simply eat medicines without any doctors prescription.

    I know that this is the habit of almost all the people when they get sick. They only prefer them to a doctor when disease is at it's peak. What do you think about this ? I thought that this is needed to be posted. So do share your opinions here. Thank you.
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    It is always better to get the advice of a Doctor before taking the medicine. Wrong medication may cause more harm than not using any medicine. And there is no such medicines which can be classified as 'basic' medicine. It may be a light medicine, with low dosage of that particular component.

    All fever or rise in temperature cannot be neglected. Better consult and get Doctor's opinion.

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    Paracetamols is only a first aid. It may not be remove the fever completely. So my advice is to consult a doctor

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    Yes i agree to that taking medicines without the advice of doctor can even cause death.There is a lot more behind medicines and only doctors can know that.

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    We should not try to take medicines on our own. We may not know much about the medicines. A small accidental overdose of even a small medicine can result in a drastic effect on our body. There are much and more facts about medicines that we do not know. So according to me it is essential to conduct a doctor before taking medicines of your own. Take down what doctor says and act accordingly.
    Thank you......

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