KPSC SI TEST fever for young graduates

kerala psc's announcement for Subinspector and Excise Inspector 2014 lead to a great relief for the graduates in kerala.
Alas making young graduates a career motive ...
Also KPSC had announced the date of examination (2 August 2014 - STATEWIDE ) and the pressure of candidates who are eagerly waiting for the exam and preparation for exam goes through a vigorous manner.
However all the candidates must follow some tips to crack the KPSC SI /EXCISE INSPECTOR TEST ...

1) Make a short SYLLABLE for the common test ( part 1 - 9 )

2) Collect some books related to kerala facts ,current affairs , arithmetical , general knowledge to boost your knowledge

3) clear the topics which is sightly important for psc

4) Go through previous question paper and FAQ's and sort the marking allocations for each part.

5) Do some pull ups , push ups
yoga meditation and follow simple diet for a healthy and wealthy mind alas body

6) And rewind all those materials you gone vigorously before the deadline.

All the very best candidates
keep focus on your career and do well.