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    Do T.V shows influence a person ?

    Televisions are an unavoidable aspect for people as it is a great source for entertainments. Its also helps us to widen up our worldly knowledges and thus share many new thoughts with others. But there are many shows that influence a person's life. Children usually watch wrestlings, fear factor, and other horifiying shows and act as such. There may be a gradual change in such student's behaviour and others find something fishy with him. Is it true that only by watching a show, people's charector changes ? Suggest your opinion here. Thank you.
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    Yes i too think that TV shows can influence a person. If a child watches horrifying movies then that child would be afraid to face anything. Also several TV shows may give a type of addiction to our mind. These involves serials. Watching these for long periods can alter the minds of several people. Also the great influence by these TV shows is that it sometimes determine the behaviour of some people. Thus we can conclude that TV shows can influence human beings.

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    TV is now change to an unavoidable factor in our day to day life. It has both good and bad influence. Bad influences are it causes people to be more consumer oriented, and to want things that they don't really need, which makes them dissatisfied with what they already have.It badly affect the behavior and attitude of a person. On the other hand TV can help educate and inform the world news time to time. So I think TV influence based on how we use it.

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