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    Good and bad sides of monsoons

    In this article we can see all the facts on monsoon in our. Rain is considered as a gift from god. As we know it has its own good sides and bad sides. Now read on this article which gives us all the information on advantages and disadvantages on rain.

    We all have seen and heard a lot about rain. The rain is brought about in Kerala during the monsoon periods. By this article i am wishing to make all the readers understand a lot of important facts on rain and their advantages and disadvantages in us. Now read on this article..........

    During the hot summer season we would have a great wish in our mind. And that is for June and July to come near. This is just because of the love to rain and monsoon for us people in Kerala . But the question to be asked is why are people so eager for rain in Kerala.

    When monsoon reaches Kerala

    It is mainly because of the large advantage of rains in us human beings. As we know a large percentage of people in our country and in our state are agricultural workers. Rice is the staple food in Kerala. It requires a lot of water. So during the summer season these farmers can't supply enough necessities down to these crops. They have to mainly rely on rain for this supply of water to these crops. Thus when the rain comes the whole farmers would have been relived to see it.

    Also this amount of rain will lead to good growth of crops such as rice in Kerala. Thus the supply of these crops would be larger in markets too. This can bring about a large selling among business people. Rainy season is considered as a period of profits in market. Crops such as rice are available in plenty and there will be also vast amount of selling of raincoats,umbrellas in the market. During the summer season the rivers would be almost dried up and the people near these rivers could not be able to do many things for which they earlier used the river for. Thus here too the monsoon is considered as a hope to these people.

    When we think about summer seasons the first image that comes to our mind is a dusty environment. But what image comes to our mind during the summer season is a clean environment. This is not just our imagination, it is true. The rain cleans all the dirty things and dirty particles from our environment. This makes our environment clean.
    Plants are very important to our world. Thus growth of these plants is also very important. Today much and more trees are being cut down. Rain promotes the growth of plants. Thus rain is considered good as maintaining a healthy green belt in our world.

    We know that dams are essential for making electricity in Kerala. There are several dams all over Kerala. For making electricity these dams require large amounts of water. The main source for this is rain. Thus rains play an important role in producing electricity that is essential for us. We have already seen much and many advantages that monsoon has brought about with it in Kerala. We know that every coins has both a good face and a bad face. So if there are some advantages of monsoons it is sure that there would be some disadvantages too. Now let us look at some of these disadvantages.

    During the monsoons we are able to see hospitals filled with patients and mainly children. Yes the rain or monsoons bring along with it many diseases especially fever. This is mostly affected to children. Children have a great affection towards rain. These children likes to go out into the rain and play in the rain. So they will get wet due to this. This can turn to diseases like fever which will grow to much severe and disastrous diseases. Also there is a chance of diarrhea due to the lack of pure water and the abundance of impure water in our surroundings. These are not the only diseases taking place during monsoon seasons. Malaria,cholera,dengue are some other severe disease during monsoon seasons. During monsoons large amount of stagnant water is found where the mosquitoes lay their eggs and increases the mosquito population. These mosquitoes are responsible for such vector born diseases during monsoon seasons.

    Sometimes near the industries there would be poisonous substances in the atmosphere. So when monsoon strikes these areas there can be a chance of acid rain. The acid rain is very disastrous. It can kill many plants and if these acids reaches water sources
    it can lead to the death of many marine animals. We know that monsoon in Kerala comes with heavy thunderstorms. These thunderstorms can lead to electric shocks among people.

    Also if it rains for a large amount of time it can lead to water logging in many places. These water logging has many disadvantages on us human beings. If water is logged over crops over days their crop gets destroyed. So the farmers here in Kerala does not want continuous rains as it ca lead to the death of their crops. So thus rain can take away a large amount of income from farmers.

    It is not only the farmers the water logging due to monsoon affects. Almost all the people of a society are affected due to this. Continuous rains can fill the rivers and it can also lead to overflow of rivers. This can lead to the submerging of houses shops and many buildings. All these cause a great damage to people of the society. Also we can see that electric lines may be fallen due to severe rains to the water collected below. Water is a good conductor of electricity and it brings shocks. Thus anyone who steps in water would get an electric shock. This can even lead to death of people.

    Also snakebites are also common wherever there is a water logging. The snakes are taken away by flowing water and are also found in areas where water is stagnant.
    Also over logging of water can also defect the growth of trees. It can even lead to the rotting of trees. After reading all this we can understand that monsoon brings along with it good and bad sides. There are almost equal advantages and disadvantages for monsoon. God has given us correct and necessary amount of rains in the past years. We are very very lucky to live in Kerala as we will receive both southwest and departing northeast monsoons. We must also be able to utilize this luck.

    We must collect this rainwater so that we can use it during the summer seasons when there is a deficit of rains. This is what we hear in our every day life as rain water harvesting. Also we should put an end to industrial effluents which prevent acid rain. We must prevent the water from collecting near our homes as it can protect us from several diseases,snakebites and also electric shocks.

    Thus rain can be really good if we use them wisely and efficiently. In other words monsoon in Kerala is indeed a blessing from the god. Thus from this articles i hope the readers could understand the good and the bad sides of monsoon in Kerala. Thus it is now up to us to decide how we can make ways to good sides of monsoon. We should work hard and collect this rainwater which we get during monsoon periods and create a better future for our "God's own Country" Kerala.
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    Very true as you have written in the article.........
    All things have a Good & Bad side.
    but it is upto us to make the maximum use of it.....
    We need Rain for everything.....
    so why not make proper use buy saving water for after use..........
    Rain is a natural thing and nobody can control it so make the max. use of it then blaming.......

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