Kuttanad - The beauty of Kerala

There must be no one in the world who haven't heard about Kuttanad. Kuttanad is an emerging tourist absorbing place in Kerala. Now through this article i would like to share some general facts on Kuttanad to all people. Read own about the most beautiful place in god's own country.............

Kuttanad is often known as the "House of Grains" in Kerala. A vast area of this place is covered with agricultural tracts and it also produces a vast amount of grains. This is why Kuttanad is often referred to as"House of Grains".

Kuttanad has an another nickname too. It is also described as the "Holland of Kerala". The farming takes place in Kuttanad in land much below the sea level. Kuttanad is the only place in India where farming takes place in land below sea level. The same situation of farming is also found in Holland where too farming is done in lands much below the sea level. This is why Kuttanad got this name too. Kuttanad is one of the most beautiful place not only in Kerala but in India too. Kuttanad is the place where river and lake meets in Kerala. The placed filled with fields and trees. It is spread over several districts of Kerala such as Alappuzha, Kottayam and Pathannamthitta. Farming takes place in Kuttanad about 5 to 6 feet below the normal sea level.It is said that Kuttanad was under water during the earlier periods.

Farming is done here in a very different way. When the crops are not sown here the fields would be filled with abundance amount of water. The crops are sown here after drying up these fields by removing water from them. A large number of trees were grown in these areas and thus the fertility of the soil here s very large. Kuttanad is the hometown of vallamkali which is considered as a great sport of Kerala. This event of vallamkali was being held in Kuttanad for years.This is considered as one of most graceful events that can be seen across Kerala.

Even though Kuttanad is known for its different nature and beautiful sceneries, several problems are reported to have been taking place here. Many environmental damages were reported to have been taking place here for years.Many unplanned development programs has lead to several problems across these place. One problem is the floods that takes place her during the monsoon periods. During the monsoon periods the rivers and the lakes in Kuttanad overflow so largely that it can lea to large floods across these areas. This is a naural disaster that the people here faces. The most biggest flood occurred here was in 1999 when the water rose to more than 15 feet high. These are not the only problems. The modern methods of farming has also contributed to dangerous to people living here.

Modern method of farming was being used in farms all over Kuttanad. These modern methods of farming included the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We have already seen that the crops would be covered with water. This causes the fertilizers and pesticides to mix up with the water and thus water becomes impure. This has made the water here poisonous. This can lead to death of marine organisms. So even though there are sufficient water found in these areas the greatest problem people face here is the unavailability of fresh or pure water in these areas. This was one of the major threat Kuttanad was facing in the past. Also many problems were also faced by farmers here in Kuttanad. Whenever there is a flooding the salt water enters to the fields of these farmers. This salt water could lead to the destruction of crops.

Today our governments has taken several steps in eliminating the bad conditions from Kuttanad. The government has launched many new programs and schemes which helped in the supply of pure water and also several other benefits. Also today the floods are not taking place much largely here in Kuttanad.

Thus in other words we can say that Kuttanad has regained its position it first had in Kerala and now Kuttanad is an emerging tourist site. I promise you readers that once you visit this place you will never ever forget about it.

Thus i hope that you understood a variety of facts on Kuttanad and that you would surely pay at least one visit ti Kuttanad.

Thank you........