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    Dhyan Sreenivasan - The emerging actor in Malayalam film industry - Biography and reviews.

    We must have seen the film named Thira which was a great hit. In it we can see a young actor with a serious face running here and there. Who is this new debut actor? It is none other than Dhyan Sreenivasan from the Sreenivasan family. Now read a lot about him.............


    Dhyan Sreenivasan is the younger son of the great actor, screenwriter, director Sreenivasan and his wife Vimala. He is the third actor from his family after his father and his elder brother, Vineeth Sreenivasan who both starred here in Malayalam film industry. He is well known in Malayalam films for his blasting overwhelming performance in Thira which was the movie directed by Vineeth Sreenivasan, a well known director and an actor who has been a part of several sequel hits in Malayalam films.
    Dhyan Sreenivasan


    Dhyan Sreenivasan at first selected the engineering course but changed his ambition due to the love of films. He moved to a visual course to learn and understand more about films. He directed and acted himself well on a short film. Vineeth viewed this and felt it as good. Then Dhyan was given the majestic opportunity to act in his film with the great national award winner and the great Mannichithrathazhu actress, Shobhana in her comeback film. Dhyan Sreenivasan readily accepted this chance which gave him a large position among the Malayalam film industry. This in other words lead to the development of his career. A large encouragement were also given to him by his father and mother while doing his debut film. Thus his whole family were responsible for the development of a film career inside him.


    Dhyan's career began in November 14 2013. It was the day when one of the most awaited film and Dhyan's first film Thira was about to be released. Thira during its release was facing an uphill task. In the opposite side on the same date was the release of Priyadarshan directed Mohanlal starred Githanjali. But it was Thira which won making a better hit among the two. Thira tells the tale of human trafficking and how several girls were kidnapped and Dhyan and Shobhana working together to save them from the evil hands. In Thira, Dhyan plays the role of Naveen whose sister was kidnapped before him. His performance was even viewed and liked by critics. His critics had displayed his well acting in this film. The film was rated very good among many newspapers and also Dhyan's acting was also given a great preference among the critics. The large amount of collections by this film has showed the love by the audience to the youngest member of the Sreenivasan family and one of the great debut actor till now.


    Dhyan was considered as the best debutant actor in Malayalam film in the year 2013. He received the Asianet film awards in the year 2013 as the best male debut actor and for his great performance in Thira.


    Dhyan Sreenivasan is indeed a great actor gifted by the god to the Malayalam films. He has indeed shown us his great talent through his first film. We should try to support him in his next films so that he would be able to get a good career in Malayalam films. Let us give this actor all the support we can for his better future in Malayalam film industry and for the better good of his upcoming films.............
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    His family has a good role in the he can survive.............
    Now its upto select good character/Film............

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