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    Rising cyber crime through social networking sites.

    Today's world is a cyber world. Everything is at our finger tips. Internet has spread like a wildfire, the world now cannot be imagined without internet. Uses of internet are far fledged and diversified. Now a days we can literally do any task via net. We are now able to pay bills, book tickets, online shopping, browsing, video streaming, social networking and many more. Any information of any sort can be found on internet. It's a world wide web, it has reduced the distance between countries and continents, we are now able to video chat with a person sitting any where around the globe. Internet is of great use to school going and college going students, they could learn a lot from different sources. As it is rightly said every coin has two faces now a days there has been a tremendous hike in the cyber crimes. Many now fall prey to different false promises and guarantees offered by different fake sources on internet. So i request you all to suggest some measures to curb this hike in cyber crime.
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    Cyber crime is one of the major problem faced by the world today. We cannot complain internet for this. As every other things the internet was created with a good purpose in mind. It is the users who make it worse. Some use it wisely and for good purpose while others use it for bad purposes. An example of the increasing number of bad users for internet is the increasing number of cyber crimes. In the earlier days the thieves took great effort in stealing and performing other crimes. But today it has became easy for them by just hiding behind the computers. While we are browsing we would get several messages proclaiming that you have received a larg,e sum of money or a car and so on. The users should understand that these are false messages and should never accept these things. The number of cyber crimes has also increased in social networking sites as we can see an increase in hackings. The another thing that gives surprise to us is that as the technology develops cyber crimes develop. So we must install full security while we are browsing. Use the internet wisely and by this we can create a better future.

    Thank you.

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