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    Should Mahendra Singh Dhoni continue as Indian team captain?

    We have seen that our Indian cricket team has faced some severe blows abroad in England. Many people raises the opinion that the captain post should be removed from Dhoni and to be given to others like Kohli.

    But i am standing against this. I am of the opinion that Dhoni should remain as our Indian team captain till at least the 2015 world cup. Dhoni as we know has a gentle behaviour in and outside the stadium. He is therefore known as captain cool. Because of his great captaincy we have got world cups in both 20-20 and one day internationals. Now this is something prestigious to India. So there is a great chance for India in the upcoming world cup in his captaincy. So according to me Dhoni should indeed continue as the Indian team cricket captain.

    This is just my opinion. You can give your opinions below regarding this topic.

    Thank you...........
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    There is no need of removing Dhoni from captain post because currently there is no one existing in Indian cricket team who have that much maturity and talent as dhoni. Dhoni tried his level best in India's tour of England but he lacked the team effort. He faught like a one man army. Its not practical in cricket to win without a strong team effort. So current issue is player's lack of form. A change in Indian team will bring some benefit.

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    I agree to Cijo. Currently there is no one in Indian team who plays with stebility. In the last test vs England Dhoni, the player who score anything in the test. As a player he is ok. As a captain, he take much effort, but fails in the case of others. So my openion is give chances for new comers.

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