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    What can children do about Global Warming?

    Today the most common problem faced by we humans is the 'GLOBAL WARMING' and another sad fact about this problem is that we humans itself are the major cause of this major problem. Today we are facing just the starting ill-effects of this problem. And the severe and the most disastrous consequences are yet to come. Everyone is aware of its causes
    and precautions but we humans are still on the wrong track. So a new group of hands should rise against this global warming. The most suitable hands to cope up with these problems are the hands of the 'Angels of Earth'. The 'children'. Children can do many things against 'global warming'
    Today most of the children have many friends in school and in neighborhoods. Mostly the children are of adventurous nature and that's what we need to cope with this problem. Doing good deeds for the Earth can increase their love towards their Earth and all Earthlings. Also this makes them conserve the nature for their future generation. This article shows many ways for children to prevent global warming and save the Earth from other environmental disasters. Children are the most suitable because a change can only take place from the base and the children are the base of the society and they grow into next citizens of our nation and they are the persons to guide our nation
    So let's start from their friends circle. Children play a lot of games with their friends. Can't we make donate their playing time for our mother Earth? Children can conduct small campaigns against global warming and for conserving nature through houses; they can make colourful charts, conduct dramas, planting trees in their localities and in school, caring plants and trees, small kids' band. These activities also increase a child's personal skills. So please try to implement these steps to save our mother Earth. These steps can be more effectively implemented in school level. Trying this in school level also earns support of teacher and more people can participate in the activities for saving the mother Earth. This can also earn more grace marks in their academic year.
    Another major step which can be taken by children is in the case of transportation. Most of the children are dropped by their parents to schools in their private vehicles. We know that this causes copious amounts of carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas to get released to the environment and cause global warming. If the distance from home to school is less than 1km let them walk enjoying the views outside their house and boasting to friends about what happened last night. If the distance is very long make them use a public vehicle such as buses and in those school buses are safer and it gives a joyful atmosphere with all our friends around and cycling to school is also an encouragable step, which makes us physically fit and healthier.
    We have heard that god hears the prayers of children first. And it's like that every persons like the voice and the speaking style of children and children can advice the other people to not to burn dry leaves and instead use them as a manure, then to stop the engine while red, use non polluting fuels such as CNG, not to cut down trees and if it is done compel them to plant one. And there a lot more things in which children can advice their elders for saving the Earth.
    Try to implement these steps and you will see the Earth changing. Elders who view this article please share this with the children or take a printout and gift them the key to green, safe and healthy Earth and I thank everyone who have read this forum.
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    Yes, i agree with you Allen. If anyone can do anything about global warming it is the children. We know global warming is being increased day by day due to the large amount of pollutants like CFC's from our day to day appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners. In other words the global warming is due to an exceed of technology in the world. We cannot undo our moves. But we can develop the future steps. These future steps are the children. These children are really the pioneers of our future. They are able to alter the technology in the future and make it more nature friendly. This can lead to the decrease of global warming. Thus if we create up a world for the children to develop we are really helping the world from its enemies like global warming......

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