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    'Do we need old age homes'? - Open Debate

    Hi friends,
    I have come up with a topic that has lot to debate. Through this forum I am going to start a new debate. This is an open debate and anyone can participate in it and share their valuable arguments.
    The debate topic is 'Do we need old age homes?' and I will explain about the topic. These days the number of old age homes in our Kerala state are increasing, this is because the old parents are seen as a burden for the family and they are thrown away in old age homes and orphanages. You can submit your arguments specifying if old age homes are needed or not and also give you valuable explanations.
    *Submit your response with proper spelling and grammar.
    *Give adequate explanations for your arguments.
    *Do not use uncivil words maintain proper discipline in you arguments. Arguments that have contents making fun of other members of teasing them will be reported to the webmaster.
    So share your opinions and earn points.
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    Hi Allen, I am so eager to join this debate. According to me the old age homes are not necessary in our world of love. Our parents has given us glorious years of love. So the children should consider it as a responsibility to take care of the parents. But today the selfish children are not even bothering about their parents. They will have a sense of feeling that these old age homes are meant for the caring of parents and that it is not included in their business. Today most people get their job abroad. So instead of leaving their parents at home, they would take them to these old age homes against their wishes promising their parents that they will come soon. These children would take all the earnings of parents and would never turn their head towards their parents. Most of the people living in the old age homes have in their hearts the sadness of departing with their children. An increase in the old age homes today shows the bad nature of the people in this age. We should consider it as a responsibility to look after our parents. Thus the old age homes which is a driving force for children from parting fully with their parents should be minimized. Look after your parents on your own and give them maximum happiness......

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    Hi Jose ,
    Thanking for entering my debate.According to my opinion i think that old age homes are necessary because, The nature of the people who see their parents as a burden will not change and i hope that changes soon.But today many old parents are being thrown to the streets and they can be taken care of and giving them the love that they did not get from their children can be returned by old age homes.Also for children who have no option to take their old parents can avail the service of old age homes.Old age homes show kindness and helping mentality of persons.

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    Thank you Allen for your valuable opposition. But i am still sticking with my topic. Your opinion was that the nature of the people who see their parents as a burden will not change. But in my opinion it can be changed. Today's children are the adult's of tomorrow. So showing them correct practices and teaching them good deeds and showing them good behaviour can change their attitude towards parents. We must also understand the fact that when we dump our parents in old age homes, our children would do the same and dump us in these old age homes. Do you want this to take place.....
    Also if the rate of parents in old age homes continues the number would be ten and hundred times greater in the future days. Can we bring about old age homes. No. Thus you must think of the future days too....
    Also many children take their parents to old age homes not because they hate them. They believe that the old age homes could give their parents more love that they are not able to give. If there are no old age homes thy would keep their parents with them. Thus in other words the old age homes itself attracts more parents to it. So they are not necessary.

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    Old age homes are needed

    Old age homes are needed, but it doesn't mean that we should dump our parents there. It is needed because there are many parents with no children or if their children may have left them forever from this world. So these homes will be a support for such people. But we are now noticing that children are dumping there parents who have sacrificed everything for their siblings. We should never be as such. Always love and care your parents because they are the only one responsible for you to stand up strong. The deeds that we do in present will be gained twice in return. Be nice, be supporting and treat your parents like god.

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    Thank you sir for your valuable explanation. I have never said that these old age homes should be completely moved away from this world. There should be some for homeless parents. But is these old age homes necessary to the other people. No. Today as i have said before there is no restrictions for children dumping their parents in these old age homes. This attitude of society should be changed. These old age homes should not be considered as the place where children can dump their parents. It should be considered as a living area for homeless people. There should be several laws against the people who dump their parents in these old age homes. But we are not doing so. There is no restrictions. So people would continue doing these against their parents and thus old age homes can become un necessary in this world.

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    'Do we need old age homes'? ....Really sense...NO

    - Our parents give their full life in-order to give us the best of everything...
    - They even forget to save for their future to get the best for us.
    - It is our duty to take care of they in their old age....
    - Its also the 4 commandment that God gave " Honor your father and your Mother"
    - If we don't care for our parents then our children will also follow the suit "Jaise karni waise barni"

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    "Old age homes are not necessary". If such institutions are running then people will have a natural tendency to put their parents in such places. So its our responsibility to come up with a useful solution for this and let new generation understand the value of their parents.

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    People are running behind money and wealth. They dont have time to look after their parents. When the parents become old and weak, people put them in old age homes. Its their responsibility to look after their parents. If they want to give something in return to their parents for brought them up, they should give love and affection in the old age. Its a responsibility of a son/daughter to look after their parents, if they do it well. The number of old age homes in the society can be decreased. Old age homes can be there for some one who is not having any one to look after them. Old age homes should be restricted for them only.

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    Hi Allen,

    I feel there is no need of such homes anywhere in India. Our parents are our first teachers and it is our responsibility to take care of them.

    These days people are behind work and money because of which they don't even get time to call or even talk with them. They only taught us how to talk, how to walk etc.. And so it should be we who should help them to walk when they become weak.

    I sometimes feel how someone can even think to put their parents in old age homes. They are the one who sacrifice their entire life just to bring happiness in our face. So parents are to be loved not to dump into old age homes.

    People should start to love their parents because there are so many children who are put into orphanage's. We are blessed with parents and with so many other things.

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    Old age homes are not Necessary

    India is known for its culture and varied heritage. But the increasing number of old age homes is adding shame to our nation. A Pristine adage says Maatha, pita, guru, deivam which refers to the order of importance our ancestors have given. A father and mother are ranked higher than even the Almighty. Parents take care of their children with ultra affection and unconditional love. They do not expect anything in return from their Kids. But they deserve to be respected and loved. Many children treat their parents as ATM Cards, that is, they only want money from parents but they do not respect them nor love them. These children forget the fact that in future they will also be treated as the same way by their kids. An Old age home is mainly for people who got abandoned by their children. Actually, They may have all facilities and amenities in an old age home but they will not get the love they need. In Fact, Love is a medicine which can cure many diseases.
    Indians, who are known for their precious family set up, should protest against people who send their parents to old age homes. We must all understand that, "we must take care of our parents when they become old" . In fact, "it is the oldest tree that bears the sweetest fruit".
    Take some time to speak to your parents. Tell them that you care them. There is nothing wrong and mean in showing your love to your parents, after all they are your parents. Obligation that you will never allow any daughter/ son to send their parents to Old age homes.

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    "Are old age homes necessary or not necessary?" is the question for every person who has parents. There are people who are working abroad and their parents are in their native places. Many Countries do not allow residential visa for their parents. Some people say the people who are working in a foreign country are running after money not realising how difficult it is to make money while working as subordinates of other foreigners and in difficult circumstances. Most people who work are earning to secure the lives of their children and providing for the medical and other daily needs of their parents who are in their native land. So, these NRI's are unable to provide direct care to their parents but what about the grown ups who are living with their parents? Why are many of them not willing to look after their parents? This is because these grown ups change their priority from their parents to their spouse and their children and gradually parents become a burden to many people. NRI's who are able to afford may arrange a help or a home nurse to stay and look after their parents who are alone at home but since Old age homes are institutions in the country, people leave their parents to be looked after there, even when the Children are living in the same country. Many parents are thrown out of their homes into the streets even when old age homes are present. If grown up children are unwilling to love and care for their parents directly then the best option is to arrange their care in an old age home, rather than living with no peace and fighting among parents and children. Most old age homes are peaceful haven where people are able to live the way they want, pray how they wish, socialize with other people of their age group, to relax and rest peacefully. Then why live till one dies, in a house that has no love, no care and no peace?

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    Hai. .
    My opinion is that there should not be any old age homes not only in kerala. But also,anywhere across the world. It should be made compulsary for all to take care of their parents when they become old. Each and every person becomes old some day. Our education system should be altered to make people realize the hardship our parents go through to bring us up. Only then the present generation will treat their parents in the way they needs to be treated.

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    I am joining this debate in support of Old Age Homes

    I support the statement that old people should be looked after their children.But let me ask you whether it is common in the modern world. The suitable or the most appropriate answer is "NO".Today it is a true fact that children would not care enough for their parents. I am against this uncaring of the children but if the children do so what will the parents do.Today it is being a common fact that the children are going away from their homes and the parents are alone in their homes. Is these old age homes better in this situation where these old people can meet others of their same age. These old age homes can also make the people happy and forget about the bad times that is when their children leave them. Also some parents may not have children. So here too there is a great importance for old age homes. These old age homes can provide much more protection to these old people than staying at home alone. Today in the modern society the number of children who care for their parents is becoming lower and lower and so the importance of old age homes is becoming important in our modern society………

    So hope that you understand about the benefits of these old age homes…………..

    We know that when children leave their parents these parents would be alone in their homes. The staying of these old parents at home has greatly larger disadvantages. There would be only some protection for these old people since some has memory loss and some has problems in vision. So this would lead to many problems. Also they cannot fight a burglar if one enters into the homes. So we can see that there is no protection for these old people in their homes.

    This is also the place where the old age homes come in. These old age homes provide much and more protection to these old people than that of their homes. This is because here in these old age homes there would be probably a large number of people who can depend on each other. There may be also volunteers here who care for this old people. Today the protection is doubled since most of these old age homes are run down by many religious communities. Thus old age homes are important in modern society.

    As i have said earlier the love of these children towards their parents are decreasing. They wish to leave their parents as soon as possible. But i am not like that. So when they move away from parents they would leave them at home. Since there are old age homes these children leave their parents here since they provide more protection.

    So hope that you understood this and would come with your arguments in the next round………

    You said that they can have helpers in their own homes. But let me ask my opponent whether these helpers are trustworthy. Today all the people of the world has a greed for money and they would do any cruel ways to obtain those money. If they are made the helpers of old people they can steal all the money they can without the noticing of the old people.

    Near my house there occurred an incident that one of the helpers of an old family has stolen all the wealthy things.

    Also there is a problem that these old people would not provide so much caring for the old people.

    These things does not happen in old age homes. Thus we can say that the old age homes provide more protection than their homes.

    My opponent said that the children are not willing to help their parents. This help is given to these old parents by old age homes. Today most of the old age homes are run by missionaries and also by many religions. Thus it is sure that these provide more love and care to these old people that is important for them.

    Today most children are greedy. So they take away all the wealth of their parents. This makes the parents homeless or penniless. Now can they hire helpers. NO.. So here the old age homes seem to be important. What would these people do if there were no old age homes? They would have to beg at the sides of the roads. Would this provide more happiness than being at old age homes? Come with the answers of my questions.

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