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    Indian cricket denies review system - Is it beneficial for the team ?

    Indian cricket board denies the review system so as to keep the umpire's authority. They feel that its like embarrassing the umpire and questioning their talent. I can't understand why in the world Indian cricket board is doing so. There is fully modernized technologies inorder to play in right manner. Hot spot, slow motion replays, hawkey system, etc are all currently available, then what is the benefit of all these technology. Review system will definitely result in playing the right game and players will be satisfied with the decisions made. Submit your response on this as if you support to current decision or will India need to bring review system in their matches.
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    Yes i am agreeing with you. When you play a game, you must play it in more efficient way. The system of decision review is very good in the game of cricket. It gives the correct information on whether a person is out or not. We should not fully rely on umpires. Umpires are humans and they could make mistakes in several things. But the machines will not do so. Without these methods it can lead to disputes and violence in this game. In the game of football the goal line technology was very beneficial in stopping several disputes. So why not connect the game of cricket to technology and bring an end to violence in games.

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