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    Who all are pet lovers out there ?

    I really love pets. It makes me so happy being with animals mostly fishes. I can spend hours just looking to my aquarium and noticing the childish acts of them. More than that i have gained many knowledges about how to treat a pet and keep them happy. I have about 15 varieties of fish species in which "fancy guppys" are my favorite. The eye catchy colour codes and their beauty while motion drives me crazy. Other fishes include platty, fighter, shark, molly, golden fish, carp, sucker, zebra, and much more. Its very difficult task to make these fishes breed as proper care is needed. I always experience something new while i hang out with my little friends.

    I believe that almost everyone here will have a craze towards petting somewhere inside. So express your interests and experiences here. Hope it will refresh your mind and dig up some sweet memories out there. Best wishes.
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    My favourite pet is a dog. But i don't have one.

    I would lie to give a story which happened in my life. Once a cute little puppy came into my house. I along with my sister loved it too much. We let it stay in our car poach for two or three days. It was during the holidays and so there was not much to study. We fed it for three or four days and played with it. It was great fun. We had made several plans to make it our pet. But we had no luck. One day we found him missing and it never returned again. I was so sad by this.
    From that day i was wanting for a puppy.......

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    I didn't like 1 till my sister bought 1....a pet Dog....I named him "JANTAR". He was 2 month old and a pomerian. As my sis was busy with the house chore....It was my duty to take him out and to look after him....Bathing....Combing....Giving food....Taking him to Vet for vaccination.....etc...
    Slowly ...slowly...we all started loving him....and now he has become a member of our family....
    Even though now I am away from home...I do remember him....
    On my last vacation nearly after a year....he recognized me and came near me....I was touched by his move.....

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    I am crazy when it comes to a matter about pets. Noone will be there in this world with love and fantasy towards pets somewhere deep inside. I also love pets and i have a dozen pets cared in my home. My favorite among them is dogs because they are one of a kind. Its easy to tame a dog and dogs always given tones of affection in return. So do develop a great pet lover in you. All the experiences of our members are invited.

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    In this thread I would like to mention about a type of fish commonly found in Japan called "Koi fish." It has a special ability to swim upstream no matter what the conditions are. These fish are even said to swim up waterfalls. This is viewed as an absolute show of power because they will continue to swim upstream as if on a mission. They cannot be distracted or deterred by anything. Because of its strength and determination to overcome obstacles, it stands for courage and the ability to attain high goals.
    In Japan it symbolizes good luck and perseverance in adversity.

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