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    Indian Youth and patriotism.

    Does the spirit of Independence die off as 15th August passes by. Does the sacrifice of the martyr ends with 15th. People are becoming more and more self centered. A day past Independence you find flags lying by the roads. Now a days 15th August is taken as a day of celebration, not a day for celebration but a day to commemorate the martyr. On our first Independence when Lata Mangeshkar sang " hey merai watan kai logo" then tears were rolling literally from each one eyes, that's because the pain of loss was fresh in the minds of people. But now we find people laughing at such great song, we even find people not respecting our National Anthem. It's because now a days we are least bothered about our nation. Our life is going on, let it go on as it goes we have nothing to do with what others feel or what others face, this is our mentality. We live in a country where there lived souls like Bhagat Singh and Gurudev who happily and merrily gave their life for the sake of our country or to be specific for each one of us. If they thought as we do then may be still we would be under some foreign rule. A sense of patriotism is must for the young sprouting youths of our nation. Cause its the youths that are future of our country, and we cant let our future to be a irresponsible and non patriotic. I request you all to pay heed to this.
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    Hats off febin for bringing an awareness in people's mind and understanding the present situation of India. Its true that Indians lack the respect to their nation. No one is remembering the hardship and sufferings taken by our freedom fighters. So as an active Indian citizen, we should do some deeds to uplift our nation and should always respect our martyr.

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