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    Why are resources being moved to forum section?

    Respected webmaster,
    Some days ago my two resources, one 'Kadavu resort and ayurvedic centre' and the other 'Alappuzha- the chest of backwaters' were moved to forum section.Both of the resources were of 1500 words and was awarded only Rs 10. If the content was moved to the forum section because of an genuine reason plese let me know that for preventing making any further mistakes.
    The link address of both the contents are
    You sincerely
    Allen P Biju
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    There are many things to learn before contributing for SpiderKerala. This is a niche website which focus completely on Kerala. If one write 1000 of articles which cannot invite readers, both the writer and site will land in problem. So, the best thing is to read the guidelines, research of unique topics which people are interested to read. The most important thing is to go through the articles posted by other members.

    If you want to have a good bond with the site do contribute unique posts or ask topics from the webmaster. Articles with 600 - 800 words in ideal for the site. There are 100's of articles of Alapuzha, so yet another article cannot bring readers. As our system function only on the basis of advertisements, topics which are written in plenty have no importance. So think wise or ask us for the topics.

    With Regards
    Biju Cherian

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    Thank you Allen for asking the question in which i too had a doubt..........

    Thank you webmaster for your valuable response and for clarifying my doubt..............


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    First of all i really appreciate all the new members of spiderkerala for showing such dedication and interest in contributing contents. Before posting articles on different topics, think for a while and do researches on topics which will catch more readers. Currently topics on different examinations, institutions, profile biographies of emerging personalities, new resorts etc will be valuable for the site. If you have a descend talent in handling english and have enough time in contributing in spiderkerala then take the help of webmaster on the topics to write on. If you feel you have to improve much in your writing then active participation in forum will help you more. Best wishes to all and try to be an asset for the site. Thank you.

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    Thanks for your valuable opinions sir and i will try my level best to be a valuable member of SPK.

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