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    Who is your favorite youngster in Malayalam film industry ?

    Malayalam film industry is now gifted with a bunch of emerging actors with unique talents. Prithviraj, Fahad Fasil, Nivin Pauly, Dulquar Salman, are some among them who has launched to popularity within no time. There are many positives and negatives that we can notice in the stars. So respond to the forum below by revealing your favorite actor and also describing which all things made you a fan of him. You can even express some areas where the actor should improve so as to raise to fame. Waiting for the responses. Thank you.
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    My favorite actors in the Malayalam film industry include Dulquer Salman and Nivin Pauly. Among these two the one i love the most is Dulquer Salman. I was earlier a big fan of Mammooty but now his son is the greatest fan of mine. I have many reasons for choosing Dulquer as my favorite star. The most practical reason why i developed a love towards Dulquer is because of his looks. He has a stylish appearance in almost every films. I love his acting and also has a special liking for all the characters he performs. The first movie of Dulquer Salman which i saw was Usthad hotel. I had a particular craze for the film that i viewed it for more than 10 times. This was when i started admiring him. As more and more movies giving him leading roles came out his admiration in my mind grew. Dulquer Salman today is the rockstar of Malayalam new generation films...


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    There are so many talented youngsters upcoming in the malayalam film industry like Fahad Fasil, Dulkar Salman, Unni Mukundan, Jayasurya etc. Among them Prithviraj is the most talented one who is talented to act all type of characters.

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    My favourite actor is Dulquer Salmaan. In a short span of time, this youngster has proved his acting skill on big screen.
    Thank You
    Jeevan Mathew

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    Iam a great great great fan of director kamal sir from malayalam industry. Because i have somany reason, first thing My passion ,that is to write a story and submit to him,and i would like to work with him. He is a brilliant and versatile director "kakothikavilea appopan thadikal is the first filim that i have seen. Perumazhakalam and gadhama last filim i have seen and also i got chance to see most of the filim like ulladakam, unnikalea oru katha parayam,megamalhar niram mazha ethum munbea ,goal,manju poloru penkuty ,ayal katha ezhuthukayanu,parayam,ennodisham koodamo,thooval sparsham,peruvannampurathea visheshagal,pavam pavam rajakumaran,rappakal.Now i am writing a novel but i need to get his permission to give this name "kakothikavilea appoopanthdikaludea kootukari" . But iam a helpless girl how can i meet him because he is a great famous director,who wil help me to touch dream?. Iam a small girl from an old conservative muslim family and also from a village, in my village al girls will marry in 14 or 15.Even my sisters also.But in my case i have changed situation. In my novel its showing diffrent situation of a muslim girl diffrent issues.
    I think its the face a muslim girl and society and also its my own experiance that i have suffered in my life. But i dont know how i wil contact him. I searched in facebook,mail,but i can't contact him.

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    My fav actor is dulquer salmaan. I have watched all of his movies till now and my most fav one includes Vaayai Moodi pesavum which was directed by balaji mohan and produced by varun manian

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    Dulquer has got an amazing talent to deliver his skills on-screen. His nature of acting and presentation is totally different from other malayalam actors. We can see a simplicity in all his characters which is accepted by all and considers as a person among us.

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