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    Can Alcoholic drinks be totally prohibited in Kerala.?

    Can Alchoholic drinks be totally prohibited in Kerala.?

    Alcoholic drinks cant be prohibited from the society suddenly. It will lead the drinkers to search for other dangerous things. Government can put forward measures in order to slow down the consumption of alchohol and step by step the alchohol usage can be limited to a very small rate. Drugs and other addictions are also needed to be prohibited. All these has to be done in a systematic manner and should be prohibited completely.
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    Beverages in Kerala is the largest source of revenue for government of Kerala. So the authorities will show less interest in implementing new rules to wipe out the production of alcoholism permanently from Kerala. More than that people have now become an addict to all these and finds it impossible to change themselves. The only way to eradicate this is to implement new laws and ban all the bars and other local shops from production. Thus as an active citizen its the responsibility of each one of us to built up a 100% alcoholic free Kerala and do guide others to act upon it. Best wishes.

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    Yes we know more and enough facts of the dangers of using alcohol. Thus we as humans should try to understand these defects. We should all prevent ourselves from using any type of drugs. This is the greatest initiative that we should take. Also the government and the power lays down in our hands. We are the ones who choose them. Thus we should urge them to ban these alcohol and related products. Today government is taking several measures against the use of alcohol. Thus we as humans should pledge that we would not use alcohol. Also remember one more fact. Alcohol and drugs are substance which slowly kills you. In other words when you are using alcohol you are killing yourselves. So i hope that everyone realize this and we can together create a better "God's own country" in the future without the usage of these alcohol.

    Where there is a will, there is a way.


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    Government has decided today to close three star and four star bars also. it is a great move. Also there will not be bars and beverages on sundays also with the existing holidays. There will be 10 percentage decrease in the beverages every year. This decisions will come into action from 2015 April 1st onwards. Congratulation for the Kerala government for the great decision.

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