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    V.M. Sudheeran - Profile and Biography

    V.M.Sudheeran was one of the great political leader today in Kerala. He was a part of several movements including the prevention of alcohol in many areas. He is well known in Kerala politics today as the president of KPCC. Now let us read more about him..................


    V.M. Sudheeran is today the president of Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee or KPCC. He is today one of the greatest active political and social member in Kerala. His active doings is now gaining popularity throughout Kerala. He is a leader accepted and respected even by his political rivals for his fights to uphold genuine and just social. His public life has been noted for his willingness to voice criticism against his own political party. He was before the Speaker of Kerala Legislative Assembly and was also the Health Minster of Kerala. He was elected to the Kerala State Assembly many times from the Manalur constituency.


    V.M. Sudheeran was born on May 26 in the year just after independence of our country in 1948. He was born in a small village named Padiyam in Anthikad Panchayat of Thrissur district in Kerala. He was born to V.S Mama and Girija . As a youth he developed a love towards the politics of our country which lead to his great heights in politics. He was the Member of Parliament four times and was also a Member of Legislative Assembly for a period of 16 years from 1980 to 1996.
    V.M. Sudheeran


    V.M. Sudheeran was keenly interested in politics from youth. He became the President of Kerala Students Union when he was just 23 years old. He continued in this position from 1971 to 1973. Later after 2 years in 1975 he was elected as the President of State Youth Congress and continued in that position till 1977. From 1977 to 1979 he acted as the General Secretery in the Indian Youth Congress.
    In the same year he was elected to the 6th Lok Sabha from Alapuzha. His political career was a continuous one and several posts came to him one by one. In 1980 he became the member of the Legislative Assembly. He acted as the general of Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee from 1980 to 1985 and later he became the vice president of KPCC in 1990. He became the Speaker of Kerala Legislative Assembly from 1985 to 1987. In 1995 he was appointed as the Health Minister by the former Chief Minister A.K. Antony. In 1996 he again contested in the 11th Lok Sabha elections and won where he acted as Member in the Committee of railways. He was re-elected from the same constituency in 1998 and was a member of Committee of Priveleges, Committee on Human Resource Development and Convenor of its Sub-Committee-II on Medical Education, Consultative Committee, Ministry of Railways. Then for the fourth time in 1999 as he defeated the actor Murali with a large majority and he was included in the Committee on Human Resource Development, and the Committee on Ethics. He did not participate in the 2009 elections even though he was persuaded a lot. His hope was to give chance to more youngsters down in politics.
    His greatest achievement in politics was in 2014 when he became the KPCC president. It was on February 10 when he was welcomed down to this post by the High Command of Indian National Congress. Mr. Sudheeran comes in as a replacement for Mr. Chennithala, who was inducted into the Chandy Cabinet a month ago, but the process brings him back to mainstream political activity after a long gap during which period he functioned as a corrective force in the party.Sudheeran's only defeat in elections was in 2004 when he lost to Dr. K. S. Manoj of CPI(M) by a narrow margin of 1009 votes.
    V.M. Sudheeran has found out a place in the arts of people today due to his large dedication towards the welfare of the people. He was the source of a large number of activities which has gained a large popularity across the state. He has organized a mass human chain mobilizing the people from all sections protest against the sand mining in Alapuzha which has gained wide spread popularity. It is Sudheeran's success that the UDF government in Kerala, on 21st August 2014, decided to close down all bars except five star ones, and to exercise dry days on all Sundays.


    Thus from all this we can bring out the true fact the V.M. Sureedhan was indeed a devoted person here in politics. He is a great gift from the god to the Kerala politics. He is against the growing factionalism that had acquired a sharp edge in recent months, as he had given the fact that he had been a strong opponent of factional politics. He is a widely accepted Congress leader, who stood at the forefront of many mass social revolts and strikes against various Mafias of sand-mining, liquor, real estate, etc. The main point we can see among his life is that he has not been eligible to any type of scam or corruption while he consider himself clean in these fields. Thus i hope that this article is helpful to all. Let us provide our great support to the great leader V.M.Sudheeran.
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    VM sudheeran is the key person behind the new Liqour policy of the kerala government. His strong decisions lead the party and government to take step to close bars and decrease the availability of alcohol. He is clear in his stands and fight until achieving the goal. congress party got more motivation after he became the president of KPCC.

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