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    Should medium of teaching in schools be English ?

    This is a major topic that we should think about as the teaching pattern of many schools in Kerala has reached a deteriorating situation. Students are well worsed to write in English but they lack communication skill. Even though students have a great hold in their vocabulary but when they come to express their thoughts and ideas infront of others then majority fails. The major problem is the way students are tought in school. Teachers should strictly follow some rules and regulations to improve communication skill and advice them about the essentiality of communicating in English as their career progresses. Also, teachers should follow English as their teaching medium to elevate the standard of students. In an interview, the interviwer will first analyse whether the student has a descent hold in english.

    So share your opinion about the necessity of communicating in English and elevating the teaching medium in schools to English. Thank you.
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    Undoubtedly English is a must for schools and colleges. The condition in our state is so poor that students are completing professional courses without any know how of english leave alone the proficiency in it. English is a global language all throughout and it is not something which we could acquire with few months of practice, proficiency in the language requires time and dedication. So it is important to implement the use of english right from our childhood. Even during our placements english is an added benefit, every company now hunts for recruits those who are well versed in their soft skill, and english holds a pinnacle position in it. So in my views english is a must.

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    Yes, English should be made the teaching medium in schools. English is a very useful language. It can lead to several benefits among children. But today in schools we can see that children prefer to communicate in their mother tongue. As a student i am able to witness several after effects that these children has to face due to the lack of Englosh communication. They are not able to speak English properly when they are asked to speak out to the class whenever there is debate or speaking test held in our class. Thus i would like to convey the message to all students that they should go on communicating in English down in schools. It can surely help you when you face an interview or when you go abroad for jobs. Also the school management and teachers should ensure that the children go on communicating in schools in English. This can help to create a better future to children. Thank you...

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    In my opinion Malayalam should be made the medium of teaching in schools and professional colleges as it is easy for the students to grasp all the topics taught while in class. More than that as a Karalite we should treat our mother language like our soal. But students should need the basic knowledge about English so that they could make the best use of it in future. There will be lot of oppositions while people hears this opinion but i think Malayalam medium can help the students to their maximum. So who all are against my opinion ? Comment below your views to find the demerits of introducing Malayalam as the teaching medium in schools and Professional Colleges.

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    I do strongly believe that the mother tongue must be the medium of instruction. A child lives in an atmosphere where he/she hears people conversing in the mother tongue. Child thus become familiar with the common language generally spoken by his parents and others. Also the child will be familiar with things around him.

    For example if he is taught "Kakke, Kakke Kootevide, koottinakatthoru kunjunto?" (crow, crow, where is your nest; Is there a child in the nest?), he will easily pick it because he is familiar with crow.
    Instead if he is taught "Baa baa Black sheep, have you any wool ?", he will not understand it clearly. Because, very often, he has not even seen a sheep, and also he does not know what is wool.

    It has been widely accepted that the subject will be clearly understood if it is taught through the mother tongue. If we go for higher studies in countries like Germany, Japan, Russia, France, etc. we are spent about a year to learn their language. Because their medium of instruction will be in their mother tongue.

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    Medium of teaching in schools should be in English because then only a person can achieve to his maximum in life. One of the major threat that malayalies are now facing is the lack of fluency in English. They may be great writers but are not able to communicate properly in public. There should be an end to this practice and well educated teachers and other malayalies should guide our state to a better communicable era. For a student English is a must to shine up in his career. Thus in my opinion all educational institutions should train our new generations to become well worsed and fluent in English.

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