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    Should Yoga be made compulsory in schools and colleges?

    Yoga are the exercises which are practised to improve the physical, mental, and spiritual life of people. Its main aim is to build a strong body - mind coordination and thereby controling oueselves with ease. The term yoga literally means "yoking together" in the case of horses or oxes, but it is now considered as the yoking of body and mind.

    Thus this platform is set inorder to share your thoughts and opinions on the necessity of yoga in schools and colleges. Also detail the merits and demerits in bringing this idea into practise.
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    Yoga is a useful exercise which could improve our physical, mental as well as spiritual aspects of our life. So implementing yoga in schools and colleges is very much useful so as to make the students develop as a whole. There are plenty of uses if yoga is actively done. Many non-curable diseases can be cured with ease. So in my opinion yoga should come into practice and you can notice the changes that students feel during their academic years.

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    Practice of yoga revives your mind body and soul as a whole. Its a complete exercise for the body. Yoga relieves our stress and makes our mind fresh and active, doing yoga regularly will keep lot of diseases and illness away. Implementation of yoga in schools and colleges could be of a great help to students. Practicing yoga can make their concentration level high and could help them to score well at the same time it will facilitate good health condition.

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    Yoga and aerobic centers should be compulsory in educational establishments as well as in government agencies. It will be a good substitute for their hectic works and refresh the mind. Students must create a schedule for executing the practice session. These centers, inauguration are a very granting function, but no one runs it properly throughout the year. Government should supply the necessary support for the execution of these centers.

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    Yes , the yoga classes are very good for children. They give pleasure to the minds of the children. Today children face a series of stress in studies. This mental stress can be overcome by performing yoga which gives mental relief. The school managements should try to include the yoga classes among its schedule as it can benefit the children a lot. The children would be able to concentrate more in class after performing this yoga as it increases their mental abilities. Thus i am of the opinion that yoga should be made compulsory in school and school managements should try to understand the benefits it brings down to the children.

    Thank you.

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    It will be good when it becomes compulsory

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