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    Child marriage on rise in Kerala - What can be done ?

    According to UNICEF, child marriage is rising in several parts of South India mainly Kerala. The rate of child marriage was negligible lately buy resent review has declare a sudden hike. This is mainly due to the migration of literate fron Northern parts of India. This situation is mainly observed in semi-urban or rural areas where people enjoys minimum benifits. Recent studies have proved that about 52.5% of currently married women in rural areas are aged between 20-24 years and 28.2% in urban areas got married before they were 18 years.

    So suggest some of your view about this and give any measues to irradicate child marriage.
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    Child marriage is a curse to our society. Yes its true that this inhumane practice of child marriage is still existing in our so called modern society. Child marriage affects girls more than their male counterpart. At such small age or at budding stages of their teenage life they are forced into marriage and to leave their homes and be with their husbands. This causes a lot of mental stress in the minds of the girl child. Child marriage also brings about many physical problems to the girl, as far as girls are concerned this could cause early pregnancy this is harmful to both the new born as well as the mother because at that age a girl is not physically ready to inherit motherhood. This is also a problem for the new born as it will lead to many birth defects. So in a whole this practice of Child marriage should be abolished and those parents who force their siblings into child marriage should be strictly punished.

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    This is a major problem faced by Kerala during present life. Child marriages are mainly done inorder to hand over the responsibility of parents to their children before being mature. It is not fare to impose all the duties on them as they may have no idea about life. Child marriage is mainly seen in rural areas were people are helpless to bear the burden of others. There may be something that we could do for such category and as an active citizen the child marriage should be banned permanently from our society to bring some educated groups here.

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