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    Ask our Webmaster and Editors – Earn Cash Credits

    Dear Members,
    We are giving an exciting opportunity for the members to clear their doubt about their activities in SpiderKerala. Members can ask questions about posting articles and forum posts in the site. Our Webmaster and Editors will give answer to your queries. More than getting your doubts cleared, members can get cash credits for their genuine questions.

    Use meaningful language to raise your doubts on content posting and being active in SpiderKerala.
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    Spiderkerala is a trusted site that provides a bunch of valuable articles and its popularity keeps on hiking. But there are many places where we could develop and bring spiderkerala to better heights. One among them is our forum section. There may be a majority of members who have no idea on how to utilize the forum section for the betterment of our site. So members should understand that your forum can even bring readers to the site. Without bringing readers there is no point in posting your contents. The ultimate goal of all spk members should be to gather reader through your site and not on the rewards. Thus you can build a trust here. Then such members can get the maximum benefits from the site. So members should come forward and ask our webmaster and editors about the contents to be posted.

    Recently a thought came to my mind of making spiderkerala a 24x7 news site. This could gather a bunch of readers if posted up fresh. This could even engage forum section. Members should come forward and take this task so as to make spiderkerala a top news site in future. Members who find to be valuable and dedicated will get the benefits here. I am interested in posting the viral news related to Kerala and need support from entire spiderkerala group. If there is any suggestion then do reply below. Thank you.

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    What makes forum section different from resource section ? It is true that resource section provides maximum cash return but both of them can drive traffic for the site. Then what is the use of such sections ? Will traffic received for different forums give same proportional return as articles ? Hope the editors and webmaster would help me clarify my doubt.

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