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    New Generation Malayalam Movies – Boon or Bane

    'New generation malayalam movies – Boon or Bane', is the topic for group discussion. New wave malayalam film moment which has developed in the early 2010's is deeply influenced from the global and Indian trends. With inventive and direct themes firmly rooted in the lives of Malayalis has already influenced our thoughts too. Has the new generation malayalam movies really changed our society? Did the new wave malayalam films brought positive changes in our young generation?

    Dear Members,
    During this juncture we are inviting thoughts and views on the topic 'New generation malayalam movies – Boon or Bane'? Members can share your thoughts about the influence of the so called new generation movies. Don't forget to share your personal experience watching the so called new generation movies. Rather than giving your thoughts in one or two sentence, do make sure to explain it properly. So let the 'war with words' begin here.
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    New Generation Malayalam Movies- Boon or Bane, a very common yet versatile question. The answer to which can never be given only by analysing all the dimensions of the film world. To start with the new generation movie has brought in a wave of youthfulness and realism, theses new generation movies on a contrary to our conventional movies are more realistic and picture a society in its true self, rather than just blabbering about things that could only be a dream in present situation.

    Movies like Chappa Kurishu and Left Right Left picture the on going scenario and condition at the same time theses new generation movies have an added advantage of gathering more audience by its way of presentation and boldness in the dialogue. The film Chappa Kurishu, shows how the people are self centred and self considering so theses films show the true nature of society. On the other hand there are films like Honeybee which depicts a love story that touches our heart, its far from the conventional way in which love stories are made like a boy sees a girl and they fall in love they roam about singing and culminate getting married at the end of film.

    In the movie we find two friends who fall in love and the circumstances in which this happens is also a very rare one, so while watching a new movie we could be sure that we will witness something new. But as it is said that every coin has two faces similarly there are few negatives of the new generation movies, theses new generation movies feature actors drinking alcohols, abusing drugs and using cigarette etc. and as I had mentioned theses new generation movies are the one which influence the youth of the society so while making such films it should be taken care that it should not have negative impact on the spectators.

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    New generation malayalam movies are definitely a bane to all film lovers out there because the style of presentation have greatly changed by now. If we dig up the history it is clear that many criminal and influential acts are being displayed in the big screen. This could drastically change a person in his character and approach towards others. We have even witnessed than many actors who have performed some criminal roles have really turned out to be one in reality. So it is advised to give sufficient awareness to all the viewer and make sure no one is influenced with the new generation acts.

    Also the popularity attained by some unauthorized director and actors shows the pathetic situation of Malayalam film industry. Such people should be permanently banned from the industry for being a curse. Also viewer should always keep in mind that cinema is not reality. The outside world is totally different and we should only grasp the ones which are needed.

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    We cannot disregard New Generation movie as such. There are many drawbacks but it should be noted that theses New Generation movies are the one's that are more influential on people, so if this idea is brought to use then we can produce films that will work in building up positive attitude in youth. A better youth means a safer future to the country. So rather than criticising theses films we must look into the wide range of possibilities in hand. This was the moral point of view, now if we consider fun and frolic there too theses New Generation movies outshine others, the simple reason being that the New Generation films are more realistic and they touch the viewers heart and the viewer find it mind boggling.

    So yes, there may be negative aspects but changes are inevitable and in this changing world we must go along with the changes we must learn to amend theses changes in favour of our needs rather than sitting idol and criticising the changes.

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    Taking my personal case, my little cousin brother who is just 10 years old now started acting weird and speaks only in offending manner. Children fails to respect their parents and thereby leads a mysterious life. This is the case with almost all the movies released recently. There are very few movies which can be enjoyed with our family members. The scenes that are shown in big screen can even build up a serious criminal mentality in people as they reveal the entire loop holes to be so. The approach of Keralites towards Malayalam film industry has greatly changed and this shows the depriving condition of our culture.

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    According to me most of the new generation films are more bane than boon. It infest the youth more and lead them in wrong path. Most of the new generation films doesn't have any moral values and it mainly deals with love, alcoholism and sex. Before the arrival of new generation films, most the films are family entertainers which have good theme, content and moral values and is possible for a family to gather at the theater and behold the film. But now most of the film use unfair words, themes and contents which avert a family from going for a film. We can have it from the reality that there is only youth whom see the newly released films. Films such as honey bee, Number 22 Female Kottayam, Nee Ko Njan Cha, ABCD, Angry babies etc come under this category. The talks and actions or these films hit the minds of the youth very much and they try to imitate their heroes which lead to the complete extinction of our language and culture. Directors are now offer corers for the heroines to act according to willing of the director and the heroines are ready to do so if it were an open flirt or ribald act. The increased obtrusion and the brutal activities which we seen in daily newspaper is a repercussion of these. So my suggestion is to subsume more moral values and good theme in these films in order to protect the Malayalam films from the danger.

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    New generation films are like instant food. People are eager to eat them and in the next minute it loses its effect. None of the new generation movies can be comparable with golden day films as they are directly related to the lives of people and will always remain in their heart. But at present it is observed that most of the directors choose western culture to influence people. Films are supposed to be a medium to learn and correct our life but its going in a wrong direction by now. No wonder why Malayalam film industry lags way behind the rest.

    Another aspect which is to be pointed out is malayalies taste towards music. Its so rare to find out a breath taking music that could drive us to a world of rhyme. People will always remember the songs put us by great music directors years back but not a single new generation songs have such a sparkle. This is now clear that new generation movies have definitely turned out to be a boon for Malayalam film industry.

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    New generation Malayalam movies are Boon to the film industry. Lots of new talented directors, stars and technicians came to the Malayalam film industry. It came to an end to the superstardom in the industry. Early if the picture is packed with a superstar, then it will be a super hit film and The diligence is just concentrated in few stars. There is no oppertunity for a newbies to get a film because producers were not ready to take a film with new directors and stars. With the coming of new generation film producers are ready to take a movie with a good talented newbies. New generation movies were small budget films about 6 crores and got profit before releasing the film by distribution, satellite rights. Budgets were decided by the story not the stardom. New generation movies were trying to narrate about the audience floor, not any underworld don. If there is no need of fight sequences, then new generation movies will avoid it. Early for every movie, it should demand one or two fight sequences. In new generation movies, narration style is unlike. The one bane about the new generation movie is the terminology utilized in their movie is real spoiled, but I think of that character that type of speech is required. Another bane is that the new directors and technicians were not performing well in their next films. But very few were getting success in their life history. In the above discussions, I noticed that some of my friends pointed that by the coming of new generation movies, the criminal and rape cases were increased. If a human being desires to do sin then he will certainly answer it. If a human attempts to imitate the movie content into his life then every man in Kerala already been killed one or two in their lifetime. Parents should pay much concern for their children not to imitate the abusive languages and things done in the movies in their childhood.

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    I strongly oppose to the view that stardom is not prevailing at present. The budding actors or actresses after working for a single film puts their head on top and acts as if they are the superstars. But even though being a superstar the stardom is not even felt in their head. They are down to earth and always fulfils the needa of people. New generation movies have less clarity and perfection so old ones always satisfactory and dependable.

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    I stick to my views that New generation movies areNew generation movies indeed a boon for the industry's. Changes are inevitable and changing with the change is the present day requisite. Now lets take a simple example in early days people use to light fire by rubbing stones, it is a good exercise and one one could remain fit and fine but that does not mean that we in this 21st century go around rubbing stones over one another. We must learn to adapt with the changes and try to amend theses to make it better rather than criticising them. Youth, the future of our nation are driven by such new generation movies which have a great deal of impact on them. So this could be made use of in a more positive so as to exploit in a more advantageous manner.

    Now coming to the New Generation actors, we cannot stereotype all based on acts of few. The quality and dedication of theses actors and actresses are commendable. so lets not keep a restricted point of view, and try the three A's Accept, Adjust and Amend. Theses three A's can curb many current issues.

    Accept, we should be ready to accept the changes, Adjust, if needed we should be ready to compromise and adjust with the situations,Amend, we should have the guts to bring about changes if required. Theses are are guiding factors for the upliftment of any dire situation, let alone the case of our New Generation Movies.

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    In the above discourse my friends say that new generation Malayalam movies narrating the family facts very openly; sex life, using Abusive or bad language. I believe only some of new generation Malayalam movies using such languages because the story demands that language. If the director wants to narrate the tale of a drunkard then he should use bad languages, there is no other choices or the director wants to narrate the tale of a prostitute there is no other choice not to use abusive language.

    This same person who was against the new generation Malayalam movies will watch abusive language and sex life in other language movies. 22 female Kottayam was a really fantastic movie directed by Ashiq abu. This movie tells us the sheer character of a woman who was ripped off. This movie prompted many women in our society to speak against the man's cruelty towards women. Such many other good movies which narrated the present situation of our society.

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    But is it possible for a family to go for such a films. My opinion is no. Now there is only one or two movies release in an year which can be behold by a whole family. In 22 female Kottayam , even though it shows the revenge of a girl who was ripped off, it express before public in a brutal and useless manner.

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