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    Kerala Government Liquor Prohibition Policy – Practical or Not?

    'Kerala Government Liquor Prohibition Policy – Practical or Not?', is the topic for group discussion. The Oommen Chandy government has ordered a ban on the sale of alcohol in all non-5 star outlets in Kerala. The government also views that a strict ban on liquor will reduce crime rates and also makes the streets safer for women to travel. From the words of the Kerala Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala, the UDF Government took a conscious decision to save the future generation from the ill effects of drugs.

    Dear Members,
    During this juncture we are inviting thoughts and views on the topic 'Kerala Government Liquor Prohibition Policy – Practical or Not?', Do you think that the vision of the government to eradicate the drinking habit would be possible? Members can share your thoughts about the practical ban of liquor in the state. Rather than giving your thoughts in one or two sentence, do make sure to explain it properly. So let the 'war with words' begin here.
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    Kerala liquor policy, the Oommen Chandy government has implemented a state wide ban on sale of liquor on all bars except non five star hotels round the state. The aim of this policy is to reduce the crime level and to make the streets safer for women. This is a fine method to reduce the rate of crime prevailing in the state. But the point to ponder remains that will the implementation be a fruitful one. One of the main problem with the implementation is that a lot of people who are involved in this field will be unemployed, and this stands as a prime problem among the masses. There are many allegations that the government has implemented the plan on a very hurry worry as a result of it there are many loop holes one of the main problem being faced is that there is an exponential hike in the amount of bars that are coming up at checkpoints and nearby districts of Kerala this has proven to be a huge set back to the present liquor policy. The lands near Kerala borders are now being sold at very high rates and that too theses transactions are being made for implementation or to say setting up of bars. In one way or the other people are getting liquor, there should be more planning that needs to be done.

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    Kerala Government Liquor Prohibition Policy is definitely impractical as this can be a regretting move by the government. Beverages were the only source which could donate a major portion of Kerala's revenue. The long term ban impossed on beverages can drastically affect the total revenue of government thereby causing serious economic imbalances. If this continues then Kerala will be dipped in huge dept and will burst up to solve this issue within few years. Its true that liquor can seriously harm humans but no one except the alcoholic is responsible for his life. Rules should be kept as such without any change and products should be made available to all. Everyone are aware about the consequences of its use so people should be let free to decide. Thus no one will have any complaints and it will be even beneficial for Kerala government too.

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    The liquor policy implemented by Kerala government is indeed practical. With the entry of this laws there may be huge noticeable changes. Many locals who were addicted to liquor will have some relief. It will put an end to criminal activities in the state. All the alcoholics can improve their health and thus save them from causing many incurable diseases. This can also reduce the increased rate of accidents observed in the locality. So hope this can bring a great turnover and change the phase of Kerala completely.

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    Currently i would like to raise a question that " Will the imposition of this liquor policy eliminate crime, accidents and improve human health ?" Even though all the small beverage outlets are being banned, star rated bars are kept active. So the source has not even stopped from the state. In my opinion a person who is an alcoholic will drink them from the possible source available and thereby could not make any change in present living conditions.

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    According to me governments new liquor prohibition policy is a practicable one. Even though it affect revenue of the government in an ample manner, it has a great deal of benefits in a state like Kerala. Manufactures itself says that 'alcoholism is injurious to health', however Keralite are not ready to ban or reduce its usage. This is responsible for the huge death rate in our state by means of accidents and serious diseases. Alcoholic driving lead to the many accidents which light the way to the death of alcoholic person and also the other innocent peoples. More over it lead the person to become a huge patient. Too much alcoholism can making your body a facile target for serious diseases like cancers and also lead to damage of our heart, brain, liver, pancreas, immune system etc and the final is nothing but decease. Besides these and its associated problems, one of the main problem related to alcoholism is outrage towards women's. We can have its reality from the daily news papers itself. So in order to abate these problems, governments new liquor prohibition policy is a propitious one and we can hope this as a first step to redact Kerala truly a God's own country.

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    I cannot say that it can permanently eliminate all these but its true that it will make some change. It will surely be helpful to most of the locals who are addicted to such alcohols and could improve their way of living. Kerala is one among the most liquor consuming states and this policy can indeed bring this rate down. So its a nice trial move by Kerala government. Keep our fingers crossed for its success.

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    Will anyone oppose to my view that this policy put forward was only for locals ? Bars are kept active, so all the people including those political men will have no restriction on having liquor. They are rich enough to purchase those. So doesn't this rule not affect the rich section of the state. Doesn't this show the miss judgement of power. India is a democratic country and rules are ment for all. If bars are kept open then elite sections will not feel any discomfort with this policy. So this policy is indeed impractical.

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    India is a democratic country and government considers everyone equally. This liquor policy is an experimental move and it cannot be impossed directly. Its a step by step process, so bars will also be banned within the coming days.

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