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    Home Based Jobs in Kerala: Present and Future

    'Home Based Jobs/Work at Home in Kerala: Present and Future' is the topic for group discussion. Legitimate work-at-home gives opportunities to earn money by doing jobs for a company or a firm. Many people earn money by home based jobs including blogging, data entry and making handicrafts etc.

    Dear Members,
    During this juncture we are inviting thoughts and views on the 'Home Based Jobs/Work at Home in Kerala: Present and Future', Do you think that 'Home Based Jobs are genuine? Can a person build his career by doing working at home? Members can share your thoughts about the work at home. Rather than giving your thoughts in one or two sentence, do make sure to explain it properly. So let the 'war with words' begin here.
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    There is a great chance for those who are using the internet in a safe fashion. But only a few were using the resource in a good manner. Social media is actually a platform for a common man to speak out in the society, But most of the people are simply wasting time in uploading photos and chattering. Home Based Jobs/Work at Home in Kerala is increasing day by day. Lots of people are earning a serious income at home itself.

    I think it is not a genuine work. In that respect is no value in the society while working at home. The masses were not ready to marry a boy/girl who is working at home because they imagine that the task is not lasting. A person cannot build his career by working at home. Luck by chance only few built their career. No one is guiding and we are free to perform work at any time in home based job. Home based occupations are honored to give way as a part time job and most of them are treated like a part time job.

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    Home based jobs, is a stream having far fledged scopes in western countries, and now a days this trend is slowly coming to our country as well and kerala is a state which has a great deal of scope in home based jobs. As this is a state with maximum literacy, so the scope of such home based jobs has increased exponentially this has brought in a whole different horizon of scopes and employment opportunities as well as a part time job.

    Theses jobs can get you money only by sitting behind a computer system, one pre requisite for the job is to have the skill that is required. If this job is brought into use incrementally then we could be able to elevate the standard of many skilled but jobless individuals, at the same time theses jobs can be useful for those who would like harness money sitting home alongside there other job.

    One of the important reasons for it's success is that such jobs can be done from anywhere round the globe and the employee do not need to be going to offices. This way he could spend more time with his or her family, and thus being happy. Such jobs have no pampering from your boss and the employee has utmost freedom required.

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    60 years back when Swami Vivekandha visited Kerala, were astonished by some superstitious notions and customs held in Kerala and he had used the word "mental asylum" for this state. In this 21st century, superstitious beliefs are prevailing in Kerala and Keralites were very narrow minded people. So they cannot admit the home based jobs/works. I'm sticking to my opinion that home based jobs/works is not a genuine work and treated just as a time pass work.

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    In my opinion doing jobs at home is indeed a great move but its not practical to take it as a profession. Its true that there are many examples in front of us to prove that i am wrong. This field only works when we become a fully authorized webmaster or have all the benefits from Google. Even though we are earning heap of pennies doing online jobs its not a safe step for your future. Authorized sites may pour huge profits on you but not a job security. Thus deep inside our heart there may rest a great threat about our career. But life is a game of risks and without it no one have achieved heights.

    Another negative on doing jobs at home is that only a few will be benefited and as the rules can be amended at anytime, it even threats the benefited. People donot have any hope in doing online jobs and thats the reason why very few people comes forward to take them as their professional job. Inorder to earn some serious cash through online we should work for years and years to be settled and online a person who has great passion in doing these could achieve more. This field has tight competition nowadays and we should keep on updating ourselves to compete well. Currently its impractical to do online jobs as a profession because only the usual people will be benefited and its hard for a new comer to spread out his or her wings out in this competitive world.

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    Yes,online home based jobs are indeed a great relief to all those who works hard to get extra money.
    Most of us in this modern world are busy with our work always and still at the end of the month we're left with empty wallet.
    Then how does our hardwork benefit us?
    The only way to get our wallet filled is by taking some additional effort and doing online jobs.
    They are perfect as we can work according to our will and no one bosses over u. We can earn that extra penny in less time of work.
    Online job can be taken according to our taste and qualification but should take only legitimate work only.

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    Next case is to do "handicraft works". A handicraft which can also be renowned as artisanal handicraft or handmade works includes wide range of jobs to create some decorative and even useful items done using our hand or with the help of small tools. Handicraft works may include textile works, molding tools, paper made creatives, plant fibers items, etc. This is a creative and interesting job but its not practical to take it as career job because its gives very less in return.

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