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    India Super League 2014: Will it boost Kerala football?

    'India Super League 2014: Will it boost Kerala football?' is the topic for group discussion. The 2014 Indian Super League season will start on 12th October 2014 and will conclude on 20th December 2014. Kerala Blasters FC owned by former Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar is one among the eight teams participating in the tournament.

    Dear Members,
    During this point in time we are inviting your views on the topic 'India Super League 2014: Will it boost Kerala football?'. Do you think that India Super League football will enhance Kerala football? Members can share your thoughts about Indian Super League and Kerala Blasters. Do make sure to explain your viewpoints properly.
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    Indian Super League is a magnet for football like IPL for cricket. It will bring lot of people to football and thereby boosting football business in India.

    But, Contrary to this belief Indian Football Coach Mr. Wim Koevermans believes that it will have detrimental effect on national team because of its schedule. The ISL starting during October and I league during December. Many players were left out of I league after many clubs decided to boycott players who signed for ISL.This will affect the preparation of national team for under 17 FIFA world cup hosting in India during 2017.
    Hope, all problems will be sorted out and we can expect a revival of Indian Football.

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    Motivation is the key to success, if one is given enough motivation one can attain great heights. Indian Super League ISL is a replica of Indian Premier League IPL in the grounds of football. This event is sure to enhance the standard of football and would inspire more youngsters in taking up football professionally. Here in our country Cricket holds a pinnacle position in terms of any games and sports, in India cricket players are paid truckloads of money and on the other hand we find other sports being neglected. It is a shame for us Indians to say that having such a huge chunk of population we find it hard even to bag few medals at the Olympics.

    This is all because of the fact that we are not motivating other games to its fullest. Initiatives like Indian Super League ISL are bound to elevate the standard of football. We already have a legendary example with us The Indian Premier League which has no doubt elevated the standard of our Indian Cricket. In the same way we could hope it with ISL too.

    One of the main advantage of such leagues are that it provides the players with added income at the same time it gives them stardom. We have many example of such players in Indian Premier League who have hit the spotlight through IPL, so to a great extend it is expected with ISL also. Above all such platforms will give chance for new budding players, they could learn from their senior players and gain lot of understanding and experience.

    One key factor that has to be considered while conducting such leagues are that theses should not hinder the practice of our national team. Infact the elevation of the national standard of sports is what the whole point is. So if we want to get maximum from theses leagues we must look into this point also.

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    Yes it Will boost Kerala football. In the next world cup India will win their first world cup.

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    India Super League 2014 will definitely be a boost to the entire Kerala football association and it will bring an endless spark among the players. "Kerala blasters" owned by the little master Sachin Tendulkar is indeed a great motivation to many football players out there. This year's India Super League is not only helpful for the Kerala players but encourages the entire country also to become one among the best side in international level. This will be a splendid chance for many malayalie players to show the world that how talented they are. Sachin has full faith in his team and tries his level best to make his players benefit to fullest.

    Many foreign players are invited to the team so as to make the league more colourful. England player "Michael Chopra" turns up for the team and wants the Indian team to boost up a bit which can lead to a perfect place to in international level. He hopes that Indian team will sooner be a part of Fifa with majority of players from Kerala blasters.

    By introducing such a league many players can come forward and even competition heaps up. Sachin Tendulkar indeed helped the entire Kerala football fans and gave a spark of hope among the minds of players. This can be as popular as "Indian Premier League" because the entire Indian team including Kerala, plays a major roll and as the competitions hike up then players will become more aggressive and skilled. This is the ultimate aim of bringing this.

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    In my opinion there is no much benefites for Kerala from Indian Super League because most of the players introduced are foreigners and they will be the key players who takes over the entire attention. Thus Kerala players will not have any gap or will not have any way to improve themselve. The implementation of foreign players should be thereby banned from this league.

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    This view is absolutely wrong because only very few players are taken from overseas and it will give a great platform for Kerala players to shine up high. With the help and guidings given by the skilled and experienced foreign players, many malayalie players can come forward and be one among the best football players to create history.

    All the foreign players including Michael Chopra wishes to train all the players and wants every little malayalie players shout out loud that Michael Chopra is their hero.

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    This indicates the over hunger of foreigners to impose their strength and thereby bost to the entire world that its only because of them these helpless South Indian players have come so far. No wonder this is going to happen and the entire team should be beware of it and establish a strong hold on the football career on their own.

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    There will never be a issue to be happened as mentioned above because the foreign players are given similar priority as Indian players and the experience and talents of those legends will definitely help all the players of Kerala in their long run. Hope there will be a positive effect on the brilliant move taken by Indian football association to uplift the pathetic situation faced till now.

    With the introduction of this Indian Super League, entire country will start loving football and this will definitely double the local fans. The only reason why younger generations choose cricket as their profession is because it will give greater in return. India is blessed with people who will turn out be the die hard fans of that particular game.

    Years back India was dumped from participating in international football world cup as neither one of our players had a boot to play with. This is a fascinating opportunity to rewrite what we have done in the past. Now we are prosperous enough but only need some expert hand which could pull us out to the world of international level. So i strongly believe that Indian Super League 2014 will be a dream fulfillment for the entire Kerala team.

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    Definitely Indian Super League will a boost to Kerala football and it will lift the standard of football in India. Even though there is no any Indian boots in English Premier League or in FIFA, football is most popular game in Kerala as well as India and is watched by billions than cricket. The presence of Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar with Kerala Blasters is definitely an advantage for the team and it will be an encourage for Kerilites to love and follow football like cricket. Also the supports of Hollywood superstars with the other teams will makes ISL a debut of Indian boots in world football.

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    I strongly believe that "Indian Super League" will indeed be helpful for Kerala Blaster in years to come. Players are trying their level best and concentrate mainly in achieving a better future through ISL. As the Kerala players are enjoying their matches with the expert foreign co-players, it can definitely make the Kerala players tough enough to compete with players of international level.

    The introduction of grassroots football in Kerala can bring some vigour and vibrant young players to our side within 4 to 5 years. The grassroots officer for Kerala Blasters FC, Deepak CM is fully confident that he could filter out some outstanding young talents from Kerala and guide them up to a level that no one could imagine. This indeed plants a seed of hope in the young generation of Kerala. Thus i sincerely hope that Indian Super League could change the phase of Kerala football.

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