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    ‘Say NO to DRUGS’ campaign, Exclusive on Spiderkerala

    I think Spiderkerala should not only be an arena for earning money but also for social service, so from now I am starting the 'Say NO to DRUGS' campaign and I hope all my SPK friends would co-operate with this campaign and make our world a drugs free place to live in.
    Today children are the main baits that falls in the drug trap and the majority of them doesn't know that they are addicted to drug and the substance that they use is harmful for them. So through this forum we are making the readers aware of some drugs and their harmful effects. Poppy is a plant that is used for medicinal purposes and after some chemical change opium is extracted from it, which is used like betel leaves and arecanut.This opium, after many chemical processes is converted into harmful and illegal drugs like brown sugar, cockade and pethadine. Morphine is pain killer that is generally prescribed for cancer patients, but they are widely used as drug because of its kicking effect.
    Cocaine is another drug which is used for anesthesia. Before some years cocaine was widely used in America and it was used in coffee and tea. Then it began to be misused in the country and about 45% of men and 30% of women became addicted to it. At this situation USA passed the anti-drug law and prohibited the use of Cocaine in the country. For these years cocaine was not available in Kerala, but unfortunately now it is available here.
    Hallucinogens are drugs that offer a hallucinating mind apart from reality and LSD is the best example for this which is available in a stamp form and the drug is placed in the backside of the stamp in a powder form. Ketamine is a drug that is used for anesthesia in wild animals and if we consume them we will lose our consciousness for 48 hours and we will be in hypnotized stage. Everyone is familiar of cough syrups and it contains about .002 ppm of Ethanol in them and over dosage can addict us to them. These drugs affect our nervous system and our brain and they result in the shrinking of brain cells and lead to tumors.
    Alcohol and tobacco products are some common drugs that is used in our society. Although pan parag and hans have been prohibited in our country they are illegally used in some parts of the country. Marijuana is another drug used instead of tobacco, also the use of marijuana have been prohibited.
    The only thing that we should keep in mind is that we should not waste our valuable life for this short term happiness and we should try to find permanent happiness from a healthy and peaceful life. Through this campaign you can share your testimonials and other incidents, images etc on the topic and we should join our hands together to say a big NO to drugs.
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    It's a good initiative, and I appreciate your out of the box thinking. Yes drugs are one of the main drawbacks in our so called modern world, and eradication of which should be a major point of discussion. We must post different harmful effects of drugs on modern youth.

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    Today one of the major challenges the world faces is the usage of drugs among people. Today a large number of people in the world are the victims of the usage of the drugs. These people would start using it in order to taste it or feel it but usage of these drugs once among people can lead to a great sense of addiction among them. This is how people become frequent users of drugs. Also the world reports have today shown a sudden uptake in the usage of drugs among people and mainly the youth. These drugs as we all know has great draw backs that it could result in cancers and brain tumours. The scientists has said that in the last few years there was an increase in cancer related deaths mainly due to the overuse of drugs. The condition in Kerala is also worse. Today a large number of people here in Kerala are addicted to alcohol and other drugs. This shows us the importance of movements that should be taken to eradicate these drugs. Thus all of us should eradicate the use of drugs and alcohol. This would help us to create a Kerala with no use of drugs and also a better future.

    Thank you.

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