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    Can BJP play a vital role in Kerala politics?

    'Can BJP play a vital role in Kerala politics?' is the topic for group discussion. The political party which is in rule at the centre aims to bring success in the local bodies elections in 2015 and the Assembly polls in 2016. In order to make their stand firm, the party plans to increase the number of booth committees from the current 5000 to 20,000 in a year.

    Dear Members,
    During this point in time we are inviting your views on the topic 'Can BJP play a vital role in Kerala politics?'. Is the political condition favour for the growth of BJP in Kerala? Can the Bharathiya Jayanatha Party be a crucial player in Kerala politics other than Right and Left parties? Members can share your thoughts about the prospects of BJP in Kerala. Do make sure to explain your viewpoints properly.
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    Narendra Modi's government is trying to increase the BJP followers in Kerala. Till now BJP doesn't open an account in the Loksabha election. This is the best opportunity for them to open an account in the next Loksabha election and gain more seats in the coming assembly election. Narendra Modi is the key element in the BJP and he should give much importance to the development of Kerala. This government has done very good move in the first 100 days. They lowered the petrol prices and are planning to lower the diesel prices also. These decisions are more relief to the ordinary people. Rubber prices are going down and many farmers in high ranges are dependent on rubber cultivation. Rubber farmers in Kerala are waiting to hear a good news from Modi to stop the import of rubber from other countries and thereby hike the price of rubber.
    Surely BJP will play a vital role in Kerala politics.

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    In my opinion BJP can gain some support from Kerala in the coming election with the activities of Narendra Modi's government. It is true that there is no support for BJP till now in Kerala but past is past. The overview of Keralites about BJP has to be changed and i hope it will. If it comes into practice then surely BJP can do many wonder to Kerala society and build a strong trust among the people.

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    BJP, Bharatiya Janata Party whoch rose to epitome of success in the last election by marginally defeating the existing ruling party , the Congress. BJP was able to out shine in states which were stereotyped as predominantly a Congress area. Bharatiya Janata Party was not even able yo bag a single seat in the last elections even though it has a fairly strong base of RSS organisation in place. As we know that in Kerala Lefts main support comes from Hindus and a majority of BJP supporters are also Hindus so this could be a very apt platform from where BJP should start its endeavors.

    Taking about BJPs plan it is to emphasize its attention on Schedule Cast, OBCs and Dalits. Factually speaking BJP attempt is to win over the big OBC group of Ezhava which constitutes about 22% of the state's voters and Scheduled Castes which account for 10% of the population. Personally speaking according to me theses groups of people in Kerala are most vulnerable in terms of decision making so one can easily manipulate their thoughts. The decisions that the party has taken to focus more on Schedule Cast leaders and visiting Kerala atleast once 8n a month can deeply turn voters to their side.

    BJP visualizes the poll condition in Kerala similar to that of West Bengal, a state where left has a significant amount of support and if this support is exploited actively then BJP could outshine in Kerala In the last parliamentary elections, BJP's vote share in Kerala increased from 6% to 10.8%, this shows the amount of efforts that the leaders are putting in to device its hold in Kerala.

    According to me the strategy the BJP is implementing in Kerala could take the party to a greater heights till the next elections in terms of votes in their bank BJP has mauled its hull and now its efforts are at the pinnacle so we can see a difference in next elections.

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    I don't think that the arrival Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will make tremendous changes in the state. Kerala is a state in the country where 90% of the people supports for LDF and UDF together and the BJP and other parties comes in the remaining 10%. So without supports from people, BJP will never be able to open its account in Kerala. We can have its reality from the 2014 general election that even though the national winner is BJP, they didn't get any seats in the election. All the 20 seats are inherited by both the LDF and UDF together.

    Now it's completed 100 days after the arrival of BJP government in India. I didn't see at least any minute changes within these periods which benefits the people of Kerala. The price of the petrol of is still rising, same in the case of vegetables and rice and the main agriculture of Kerala the rubber cultivation, whose price is still decreasing day by day. So my opinion is arrival Bharatiya Janata Party will not reflects in Kerala politics and they can't do much in Kerala.

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    First of all hats off for the greatest cunning politician of Indian politics for his achievement.His planning and development views are the main reason for increasing the followers. That's the reason why youngsters are joining BJP. First came while Mr. Narendra Modi came in power of Prime minister is about the security of other communities except Hindu.But new posts and responses of Hon. Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi wiped out all such queries.
    As a viewer from Kerala we are much safer than other districts from bad habits of BJP. Here other political parties such as CPIM and Congress are much strong here so we can withstand the problems than any other districts.

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    BJP can play a vital role in Kerala politics because Narendra Modi's government is now proving that they are eligible enough to lead a state. It is true that once they were given the authority in national level, they had created a negative impression on the minds of people. That may be the main reason why BJP hadn't achieve any seats in Kerala till now. By history is not a factor and with their current ruling lead by Narendra Modi is indeed demanding and impressive. So i do wish this form is kept and bounce back hard to open their account in Kerala too.

    Many great measures and developments are being undertaken by Modi's government and it has also helped our common people a lot. Rapid hike in price was an important factor faced these days but they have made many amendments in favor of people. Its not sure whether Modi could lead the state successfully but Modi's followers do believe that he can completely change the phase of Kerala if they lift up as authority. Cleaner governance, eradicating corruption and bureaucracy which diminishes our growth in business fields, and installing brilliant infrastructures are the aim of BJP within coming years.

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