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    Facebook users in Kerala: The social media effect

    'Facebook users in Kerala: The social media effect' is the topic for group discussion. Facebook is much common among the all generation people in Kerala. Like a common man, Keralites use this popular platform to find their friends and share their views with them. This social media even has changed our thoughts and even lifestyle. A day without facebook cannot be thought and even may bring depression in people.

    Dear Members,
    During this juncture, we are inviting your views on the topic 'Facebook users in Kerala: The social media effect'. Are malayalis matured to use Facebook effectively? Are they using this platform to insult or judge others with false thoughts? Members can share your thoughts about the merits and demerits of facebook and Kerala users. Do make sure to explain your viewpoints properly emphasizing on its usage among the malayali community rather than generalizing it.
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    Facebook, a social networking platform that is one of the most wild spread passion among youngsters and elders alike. Now Kerala is also becoming one of the states that has a huge chunk of facebook users. The wave of facebook is travelling lengths and bredth of the state. We could find youngsters glued to their mobile sets at every corner of the streets, which is a satire to our so called orthodox culture and believes. There are many positive as well as negative impacts of facebook use in our state Kerala.

    Our state is in roads of progress, though we are far ahead in terms of parameters like education, literacy, sex ratio but still the mentality of we Ketalites are far from modern we still are in midst of orthodox believes and thinking. According to me this an arena where we Malayalies should progress. And for this social medias like Facebook could aid us a lot, Facebook is a platform for social exposure and to meet new friends and to build up healthy and happy relations. This could lead to the development of ones social skills and upliftment of ones self confidence to some extend. But in this modern world too we find mostly Malayali parents restraining their siblings from joining social networking sites like facebook, this trend has to be changed. Main problem of putting such restrictions is that we will not be knowing what the real world is like, we will be like frogs in a well, but its only when we come out of the well do we find the real competition that lies ahead of us. And social networking sites such as facebook gives us some amount of the required exposure.

    As it is wisely said "there are two faces for a coin". Similarly we have many demerits of facebook. It's a virtual world and one could impersonate any one there is no validity of our accounts and one could never vouch for who really uses the account. This is a common scenario in our state Kerala. About 90% of the girls who use Facebook in Kerala do not upload their real pics on Facebook so theses could lead to many misunderstanding.

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    Facebook is a virtual world and we find many youngsters getting addicted to it and losing the sense of what really happens round them. Now a days frauds on Facebook are very common specially in our state Kerala every now and then we could hear news that some one or the other has been exploited by using facebook or some one has suicide because of exploitation via Facebook. So this has become a major issue to be pondered, we should do a grass root analysis so as to find the culprit. According to me it's our fault, one must be more cautioned while using facebook and must use it for the betterment of oneself rather than getting addicted to its use. Every thing is good within it's limits, we must not try to cross the limits, and should use this facility of Facebook, in hand, effectively.

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    Think about a day without facebook. Its like striving for oxygen to survive. We cannot imagine a day without it. There are many uses which has to be highlighted through this platform. Some of them are described as follows:

  • Its a major arena where we could find our old friends and relatives who resides far away from us and will always help to keep a strong relationship with each other. There are many cases where children or close relatives who were missing for years are found out using their facebook accounts. Its indeed helpful for all out there.

  • Facebook is a place were we could share photos and videos, post our status, play games, use thrilling applications and take part in many other entertaining stuffs. These all are very interesting and is a perfect solution for your boring life. No wonder why youngsters spend lots of time in front of their PC.

  • Facebook is a major tool for chatting with people you know across the globe within seconds. Even facebook messengers have now been introduced to make chatting more speedier with less consumption.

  • This social site also functions as a medium to spread advertisements of all the companies. This is very useful also as facebook is spread world wide. For a company, its very much helpful for them if newer products or offers are being introduced. If we take any company, institutions, celebrity, etc we can find their official facebook page for promoting it. So it plays a vital role in such cases were anyone wishes to spread the news about their new work.

  • Facebook now acts like an information hub as all the current issues and events are being published here and spread throughout. The use of facebook has made the world think and act at greater paise.

  • Facebook groups will really help to connect people to link them as a group. It can be made private group inorder to keep you people safe from others and thereby continue group chatting, file sharing, posting notifications, etc. This facebook helps to keep a close relationship with all those people you desire.

  • Facebook email is really useful too. Newer facebook emails are now set automatically by the site so as to receive mails from Gmail, Yahoo, outlook and Hotmail and receive files attachment to your mail. Based on your user name a permanent Facebook ID is created for you. If we take an example, if your username is "Flamingo", the Facebook ID will be set as "Flemingo @".

  • It also helps the people who carries online jobs as by posting the articles approved in your blog through facebook can gather much more readers to your site and thereby raise popularity within no time.

  • Facebook will be very useful for students to carry on their group studies by creating a group with their classmates. Information about your new projects ,
    homeworks, examination, assignments, dates which are kept pending for, etc can all be conveyed easily.

  • Live streaming is available in facebook to view all the necessary things and we can also do video calling currently which is very helpful.
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    Yes, its that there are positive points to facebook its a great platform to socialise and to know people more. If used properly Facebook could yield many advantages to its users. Some of them being like online jobs, this is of of the was possibilities. Lots of people are getting employed to this more and more and yes in inturn will help building up revenues. We also find Facebook coming to top colleges of Kerala and recruiting members and paying high amount of salary. But as far as we Malayalies are considered the negative impact of Facebook is more in our lives. We find a tremendous hike in cyber crimes in our state most of which is directly or indirectly linked with facebook. Theses are some grass root problems which if not checked could lead to devastating conditions. One of the solution to this is implementing cyber crime classes in schools and colleges and getting children to know about cyber crimes and ways to escape from it, such initiative is not taken in Kerala, so implementation of this could be a viable option to reduce cyber crime in our state. One other major problem that Facebook encountered lately was the security problem. A lot of Facebook accounts from in and around our states are being hacked. Hacking into face book has now became a childs play this tormenting conditions should be checked so as to manipulate the advantages of Facebook.

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