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    Pathetic Conditions of Roads in Kerala: Responsible ‘N’ Irresponsible

    'Pathetic Conditions of Roads in Kerala: Responsible vs Irresponsible' is the topic for group discussion. Well furnished transport system is the most important factor for the development of any country. The condition of roads in Kerala is so pathetic that one may feel being living in the 12th Century. Even after the statements from the court and response from the public, the plans about repairing and maintenance of roads are still in the premature stage.

    Dear Members,
    During this juncture, we are inviting your views on the topic Pathetic Conditions of Roads in Kerala: Responsible vs Irresponsible'. Is the government falling short of providing the basic necessities for the people? What steps should the government do to provide safe traveling? Members can share your thoughts about innovative steps to be taken in this matter. Do make sure to explain your viewpoints properly.
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    For the development of any State an efficient road transport is a must. But the satire to our condition is that in Kerala we have to find roads in between potholes that has crept up now at almost all streets in our State. The most affected are our major cities like Kochi wherein its hard to find even a hundred meter long strech of road with out a pothole. Government changes, promises changes but the condition remains still the same.

    We Keralites face the most problems during rainy seasons, in which theses potholes are filled with water and this creates difficult for the traffic movement and may even cause harsh accidents. Theses potholes also become breeding spots for mosquito leading to increase in its number and hence causing different problems.

    Who is to be blamed is the present question. It is quite humorous, we find the people blaming PWD Department for its incompetence in getting to roads furnished. Then we find PWD blaming Kochi Refineries Limited (KRL), for the less supply of bitumen, which is a key element for road work. We also find PWD blaming National Highways Authority of India, for its laziness. This is to such extend that we find authorities even blaming the rains. This blame game will go on reeling from one person to another and no culprit will be found as the problem lies within our administrative system. So according to me the government should put right step forward to nullify the present scenario.

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    Pathetic situations of roads in Kerala has now turned out to be a serious issue. It affects the development of our state and in government's point of view its their responsibility to keep all our roads maintained and structurally fit. Many tragedies do occure due to this condition and no one is willing to make any change or improvements for their society. Plenty of accident cases are now being filled and a majority among them are due to the dreaded roads in Kerala.

    The pattern followed by our officials till now is that they just keeps on working on our roads every year and thereby the authorized people could loot crores of money from each project. For that, they temporarily complete their works. But its not what we should do. Its is true that many people are getting job on basis of this but we are putting every citizens life in threat. So its better to make all our roads rubberised and it can bring great developments for our society. People on road will be safe and the complete phase of our state will be changed.

    As a civil engineering student, i sincerely wish to bring some developments in Kerala and would strive hard to eliminate all the after effects on this. So say no to corruption.

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    To prevent the condition of bad roads being increasing in and around our localities is is the implementation of the the required measures by the government. For example the filling of potholes and gutters before the rainy season as this is the peak time when such potholes causes lots of damage. One of the main problem in our state is that, even if the roads are remaked or furnished our government does so just at the dawn of rainy season, and by the end of the season whole of the road return back to it pathetic condition. So it should be stressed that all rehabilitation works or the laying down of new roads should be done after the rainy season. Strict traffic rules can prevent the roads to great extend, every road has a bearing capacity, and the roads should be loaded according to it which means the vehicles having weight within the bearing capacity should only be allowed to run through it. Theses small steps could make large difference.

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    High court specified that the condition of roads in Kerala is so pathetic that one should have to take ayurvedic treatment on using it. Even though it was demonstrated as a joke, we should make a close look on this matter and should try to make some development for the state. Justice C T Ravikumar took this issue seriously and he made the above mentioned view while filing a petition case against a contractor who was arrested on his road plan made which ultimately ended up being in bad state. The main reason for current issue faced by Kerala is the misusing of power wested upon the authorities and their hunger to make heaps of money through illegal practices. So as an active citizen, we should try our level best to eradicate all these problem and buildup a safer world for future generations.

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    Good transportation contribute to the social, economical and cultural development of any country. In Kerala, road transportation is common than the any other type of transportation. Most of the people depends on roads for the completion of their daily routines. But the condition of roads in Kerala is very pathetic that one may feel being living in the 12th century.

    It was in monsoon season where the condition of roads become most pathetic and the period where the people suffer more difficulties in their travelling. Most of the roads are filled with huge pits which fill with water during the rainy season that adversely affect the travelling. 50% of the road accidents in Kerala are due bad conditions of roads and it may even lead to the death of peoples. Authorities are not take much care for the development of roads in Kerala.
    Kerala is referred as the 'Gods Own Country', which is renowned all over the world for its diverse and unique attractions. If the present situation continuous, it will badly affect the status of our state and affect adversely from arrival of tourists. So my opinion is government should take necessary measures for the development of roads to make the travelling smooth and comfortable.

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