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    If I become the Chief Minister of Kerala: My dreams

    'If I become the Chief Minister of Kerala: My dreams' is the topic for group discussion.

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    That's the question i faces in my UP standard onward.Its a twisted one,needs to think about a wast area.So the best ways is bring the minister's view to problems by people itself.Same as the movements made by Mr.Umman Chandi and others.But its not much convenient now,So it needs to be more easy to access as we check our Facebook status in morning.That allows people to connect with the department directly and to know the status of their file or request.I hope that can solve almost all problems and can reduce the time consumption.That's the primary thought blinked in my mind.

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    I will focus more on executing the rules not try to introduce new rules. Now a days we are facing the major problem in executing the rules. Day by day new rules are introduced by the government for the welfare of the people but the rules aren't executing. Firstly, I'll zip up the execution of government projects. Many projects like Smart City, Kochi metro, development of National highways, Mono rail in Thiruvananthapuram and Kasargode, Vizhinjam International Deepwater Multipurpose Seaport, High Speed Rail Corridor (HSRC) from Thiruvananthapuram to Kasargode, Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Kottayam and so on. Till now there is no hike improvement in these projects. Corruption is the main problem for the slow improvement. I will wash out corruption from all the government agencies. These developments would be Eco friendly and doesn't harm the nature. These projects increase the job opportunities for the graduates and keralites would not roam in other states and foreign countries for getting a good paying job.

    Secondly, the education standard in Kerala would be increased. All the pupils will study under Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and removed the state syllabus. The quality and infrastructure of government schools would be increased and try to provide better facilities. Thirdly, Implementation of strong rules against the criminals and the crime rate in Kerala will be diminished. Criminal and brutal behavior against woman in the society will be brought down.

    Fourthly, Improvement in the agriculture sector by providing free vegetable seeds and agriculture products through the department of Agriculture. Implementation and financial support of the vegetable garden in every land or terrace in Kerala. The government will offer a respectable monetary value of their agricultural products in the grocery store and try to attract more people to the agricultural field. Try to lower the price of the everyday items. Let's hope for a good chief minister for the Kerala like me in the future.

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    It will be a privilege if i could get a chance to be the Chief Minister of Kerala. To hold this honored post, one should strive to their fullest and have to be a role model to the people. They should point at you a and say to their children that he is my icon and you should be just alike. More than that, a Chief Minister should be an owner of a great personality and should also be bold enough to make the necessary decisions which are beneficial for the site. If i could become the Chief Minister of Kerala then i would plan a bunch of new ideas will try to change the entire phase of Kerala and make it a true God's Own Country Few of them are highlighted as follows.

    The important factor which drags Kerala backwards is the consumption of all the addictives like liquor, cigarettes, drugs, panparag, etc. The production and supply of all such dreaded items should be banned from the state. Even though the production of liquor is now being banned, all the other harmful source should also be cut off. On the basis of development the state is far more behind compared to other states so a serious growth in constructional field like roads, buildings, flyovers, dams, railways, etc. is required. All the paddy fields left uncultivated has to be made active and a descent yield have to be produced every year. It is not a good move to depend other states for food when we are gifted with lots of cultivative fields.

    Corruption is a major factor faced these days and all those who violates the rules and regulations of the state should be penalized or punished appropriately. There are majority of people who strives hard to meet their daily expenditure. We should enter into their pathetic situations and grant them all the possible benefits for those class. As a whole i will try to elevate the culture and economy of Kerala at the same time and broaden up the name of Kerala to the entire world.

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    Oh! that's a good question from the editor. If I would become the chief minister, I will focus more on implementing new rules, regulations and policies and will try to come more towards the people to carry out their needs. According to my view today our government responds to the needs of the peoples, but they don't carry out in practical. If it's so it was just to close the mouth of others. Pathetic condition of roads in Kerala is the real example for this.

    Firstly I will carry out the development of transportation facilities in the state. All the major and minor roads in Kerala are now at very pathetic condition. It is full of pot holes and dips. People suffers a lot from this. So I will carry out the development of all roads including state highways, district highways, village roads and even pocket roads from Thiruvanathapuram to Kasargod for to get a smooth and comfortable driving. Also I will execute the project such as smart city, Kochi metro, mono rail with its heart content.

    My second vision is to take care the standard of living of backward community in the state. In Kerala more than half of the peoples are in backward community. They didn't have the capacity to educate their children. More over most of the people suffer from the problem unemployment. I will certainly bring a change for this.

    In my view another major problem that we phase in our community is the obstruction towards the women. We can have its reality from the daily news paper. Today it's not possible for a women to walk alone in a night. These activities are still increasing in our state and the government does not implement any measures to reduce this crime. So if I will become the chief minister, I will certainly bring out changes for this. Adopt strict rules and punishments for those who do these crimes.

    Also I will erode all the crimes and corruption activities and will reproduce a new Kerala.

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    Early kings changed their identity and used to roam around his kingdom during the night to check whether his people are doing well. But now ministers have no time to check the common people's living condition and they were busy with inauguration ceremonies and marriage receptions of rich people. If i could become the Chief Minister of Kerala then i would avoid all inauguration ceremonies and marriage receptions from the timetable and try to patrolling the major cities at night to avoid crime rates, spend time with the poor.

    My next vision is to check the quality of the vegetables and non vegetables in the market. This will lead fresh vegetables and non vegetables available in the market. Turn all the uncultivated plots of Kerala to an agricultural plots.

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