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    Kerala Tourism 2014: Strategies to develop the Industry

    'Kerala Tourism 2014: Strategies to develop the Industry' is the topic for group discussion. Kerala is one of the interested destinies of tourists. As the state offers a bunch of interesting programs to keep the tourists happy, many continue visiting the state again and again. One of the main income of the state is from external and internal tourism.

    Dear Members,
    During this juncture, we are inviting your thoughts on the topic ''Kerala Tourism 2014: Strategies to develop the Industry''. What are the methods to bring more tourists to the state? What are the changes to be adopted which can develop the tourism industry in the state? Members can share your thoughts about the Kerala Tourism. Do make sure to explain your viewpoints properly.

    NB: Due to the lack of participation, we are rolling back the discussion contests.
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    Kerala as we all know is a place which is attracted to tourists. This is mainly because of the completely different environment that we are able to see down in Kerala. So it must be considered as our responsibility to protect this environment. This requires several conservational practices like planting trees which can help to give a green and a clean environment here in Kerala. Also today the urbanization down in Kerala had brought out a large number of promises down to the foreign people. Also there is a most important factor which drives tourists down to Kerala. It is ayurveda. Kerala's ayurvedic treatment is popular throughout the world. People across the world come here to seek this treatment. All these are the important factors which drives tourism to our "God's own country". Development in each of these sectors is important. By conserving the environment we can make Kerala a place to seek pleasure. Also urbanisation and carrying out several projects including the Metro projects can increase the comfort of the tourists. Thus in the future let us hope that Kerala becomes one of the most famous tourist spots in the world. As people of Kerala we should work hard for it.

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    Tourism and kerala are like two sides 0f a single coin, one is incomplete without other. Kerala a land of scenic beauty, the land often remarked as the Gods own country is place which is indebted to the tourism for huge chunk of share to the economy. It is this tourism that is creating more foreign exchange in the land. With 173.48 billion of its annual earnings from tourism in state this tourism will provide an opportunity for increasing trade combined with other tourism also gives an immense scope to diversify its portfolio of trade opportunities to foreign tourist. This strategy to could help increase the scope of tourism in the state. The major mission of kerala tourism is to get itself to a position where it will have a domination over world tourism without loss of its resources. One yet another novel strategy of the government is to indulge a green tourism by which there is scope for a environmental friendly development. In 2010 Kerala had 3.7% share of the total foreign tourist arriving in India which is a very high number considering that we are a small state. Kerala tourism wants to hike this to a % of 10 till 2020. With its novel strategies.

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    Kerala, 'The God's Own Country' is renowned all over the world for its diverse and unique attractions such as golden beaches, exotic backwaters, refreshing hill stations, sprawling plantations, rejuvenating ayurveda, delightful cuisines etc. Kerala is regarded as one of the 10 paradises of the world. A large number of tourists arrive here to become the witness of these wonders. The practice of ayurveda in Kerala is famous all over the world. Kerala is the only place the world where the ayurvedic system is practices to its full perfections. Also the cuisine is world renowned.

    But now the condition of Kerala was totally changed. Arrival of tourists were lowered due to un suite environment that we construct with our unfair activities. One of the main problem tourists here suffer is the pathetic condition of our roads. Most of our roads are full of pit holes which fill with water during rainy season. Tourists didn't get a comfortable journey through these roads which hinder them from arriving here. So well maintained roads are essential for arrival of tourists. Our environment also retard them. Due to uncontrolled urbanization, our climate was totally changed. So afforestation is necessary to keep the environment cool. Much preferred by the tourists here is the beauty of backwater. The stay on the backwater resorts was an unforgettable experience for the tourists. Today most of our backwaters are fully polluted. So government should take necessary measures to solve these problems to become Kerala truly a God's Own Country.

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