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    Rejection of my article

    I had sent an article on recipe (plantain flower parippu vada). The editors have rejected my article and can u mention the purpose for what it is rejected.I had sent it out of my interest and I am disappointed that it is rejected. I hope I would get an appropriate reply.
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    Too much articles related to recipes are now in spiderkerala. I think, this be the reason for rejecting your article. So go through other categories other than recipes.

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    Articles on recipes and malala are not apt for our site. Make sure your articles are useful for the site and should also be related to Kerala. Try to write about profile biographies of emerging celebrities, detailed article on famous institutions, resorts, restaurants, etc., review on latest malayalam magazines, and plenty more which could drive more traffic for spiderkerala. It seems that you have quite good hold in English, so try to develop yourself and take much time here. Refer the articles which others have wrote and try to write according to the needs and trends in this field of content writing. Hope you will do well for the site and be an active member here. Best wishes.

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    Thank you for answering my queries and encouraging me to write more but as I am a new member I am not aware of how to put up an article. Anyway I will try my level best for doing the same.

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    You can ask any doubts regarding the site here in forum section. We are happy to help you. First of all go through other articles posted in spiderkerala and learn the manner of presenting the articles. This is the first move to be taken and then write about an articles on one of the topics which i have mentioned above. Make sure article is juicy enough for the readers and should have at least 500 words. Article should be well divided into different paragraphs. Then learn how to use HTML tags properly. This is needed for making headings, letters bold, underlined, strong, and much more. For example: use H2 or H3 for making headings. Heading should be suited for the article and should grab more traffic. Summary is a must as it plays a major role in bringing our articles on top while we go through the search engine. Then embed the image into your article after adding as attachment. Always start your summary with the heading and the embedded image should also be renamed with the heading. Hope all the necessary details are mentioned. Then for the final touch, click on 'ready to be published' and submit your article for review. It will be reviewed as early as possible.

    Hope this will help you. More doubts and thoughts are invited as more active performance are needed from our new members for lifting up the site. Best wishes.

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    Another tip i can give is that you can ask webmaster for article topics and try to develop them.

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