CPI leader in Kerala said withdrawal of support to the UPA-I was a "st

The statement of Sri Panniyan Ravindran, the Kerala State Secretary of the CPI has raised some discussion among the left parties. His statement is that the Left Front should not have withdrawn support to the UPA on the issue of Nuclear Power Policy. The same view is expressed by a section of the CPIM in its Polit Bureau Meeting being held currently. The statement of Sri Panniyan has some relevance. After withdrawing support to UPA, the Left Front's representation in the Parliament was dipping since 2009 elections. The Left Front, in the present context, cannot expect to thrive on its own as the global trend is of going towards capitalism. In that circumstances by keeping the alliance, it would have benefited the party in W Bengal and could have some stray seats in some other states. But due to the rigid stand of CPIM leadership, mainly the Secretary of the Party which almost amounted to blackmailing the UPA parties called the bluff of CPM. The going away of left not only did not affect the Congress but in fact managed to improve its position in 2009. But in the long run the separation has affected the Congress which has suffered heavy losses in the 2014 elections. I invite discussion on this point.