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    Nokku Kooli or exstortion a speciality of Kerala?

    Kerala perhaps with W Bengal was a state of strikes, hartrals and political agitations. Immediately after getting independence, the condition of laborers, workers were very severe and inhuman. At that time i was necessary to form a protective wall by the name of Trade Unions. The unions have effectively taken up the exploitation of the workers and have to a great extent helped in improving the conditions of the working class.

    But when we look at the scenario now, we will get the feeling as though the table is turned and it is the workers who exploit. While the trade/business/industry leaders were exploiting the working class and the general public by dictating their terms, now the working class are exploiting the society by the demand of 'Nokku Kooli' which is just like extortion. Earlier it was very high. I had one such experience. When I came to my naive village by bus, 2 persons approached me to carry my kit bag to my home. When I said it is only a kit bag and I can carry it, I was told that even then I should pay the carrying charge. Since one of the persons was known to me intimately, I argued with him and i was let off. But now the situation is changed it is not that serious.

    But because of this attitude the State has suffered very much. Anyone who want to start a business or industry will shudder. This has resulted in our state having lost opportunities to have industries and the consequent employment opportunities. I feel that all the T Us should come together and have an understanding that the wages are only for those who work, and their role is only to protect the working working class.
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    It so happened that after posting the article on nokku kooli on 21st the HC verdict on the same subject came out on 22nd. So I thought of adding the gist of the verdict.

    'Kerala High Court slams Nokku-Kooli': "Kochi: The Kerala High Court observed that laborers demanding Nokku Kooli, or the wages paid to trade union activists for allowing unloading materials, should be charged for anti-social activities under the Kerala Anti-Social Activities (Prevention) Act, 2007 (KAAPA)".

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