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    Suggestions for new contest in forum section

    Our forum section is inactive, so to increase the activity in the section I request the members to suggest some interesting contests that could be implemented.
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    Hi Febin. I also think about such a subject to make the site more active with the participation of the members. To increase the participation of article section, I have got an idea. The proposal is that we can post a forum saying that "write articles about given topics", So that we can gift them with virtual gifts, high points or money. It would be better if the topic for the article is given on each week, so that each member get 7 days for writing the article and thus can make quality articles. Also to increase the participation in the forum section we can put forward the 'member of the weak award' for those who make the site more active with quality forum. I have one more proposal that, we can award a member for 'best participation' at the end of this year by considering the participation in the last month (December).

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    Yes binil, these seem to be good option.

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    I hope some new innovative ideas and plans will be introduced within few weeks and some innovative ideas should be brought to action. Its good to here some nice thoughts from binil and i invite of such ideas. I suggest to bring the big question contest back and also the best article of the week or the best performer of the month award. This will definitely boost up the members and could gain some activeness for the site. But before that we have to grab some active members who could make all these new contests much more interesting. So all spiderkerala members do think on this and what all can be done for lifting up to glory. Best wishes.

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