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    A test for your creativity. Part 1

    Here is a chance to show your creativity. Below given are few topics you may select any one among them and share a story about it. The story could be fictional or a real life incidence. There is no limits to the words, members could write as much as they feel like.

    Rainy season
    spring season
    Winter season
    Summer season

    Hope for good participation.
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    Rainy Season
    The moment when i here about rainy season, the first thing which lashes up to my mind is my school days. Every year school was to begin when the rainy season was approaching and i do remember all my uniform, bags and shoes getting completely soaked up. Running into others umbrellas as i would never carry one with me. Those days were special to me and i would always remember them. But the sad part was that we would be stuck up inside our house till the end of the season. We can't play or go roaming around town and will get bored somehow. But i dont know why, the first thing which can into my mind after reading this thread was this season. May be it had stuck me much more than the rest.

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    Thank you Cijo for such a touching real life incidents. Yes we all have some good old memories attached with rainy season.

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    Rainy Season
    Rain, one among the most beauteous natural agents, which came in to my life as a peril and at the same time as fortune. It was on the last night of my main examination that rain come as a peril to my life. The heavy rain which outpour in the last night with tremendous thunderstorm and wind was totally an indecorous condition to my perusal and it takes the current along with it. Unfortunately I didn't get any cantle to carry out my studies. The rain which start outpouring in the last night continued till next day morning without any fall in its strength, results with huge flood ever seen in that time. All examinations were postponed to some other date and got enough time for the perusal. Thus rain came as a fortune to my life and even now I thought about such rainy season when it was examination on the next day.

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