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    Beauty or Brain - What will you like to get ?

    It is hard to see a person gifted with both beauty and brain. For most of the people, they may be brilliant by their brain and for other they may be so beautiful or handsome. No matter what we have people will definitely be impressed with both of these traits. So if you were given a chance to grab one then which one would you choose the foremost and why ? Share you opinions and thoughts below. Thank you.
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    Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But what attracts me more is the beauty that cones from within, the inner beauty, the purity of heart and soul. Cause no one is responsible for his or her superficial beauty but one's inner beauty is self cultivated and nurtured. Yes brain and beauty would be good but they do not stand of without an inner purity.

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    Beauty or Brain? What is on your mind? Looking for a wife? Then it has to be whichever you value. If you are a model or in show business, beauty is more important. On the contrary if you are in search for an assistant for Sherlock Holmes,you know what you should look for. Hope you get it.

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    Mannatt Suku Menon, I like the way you respond. It is nice to hear a response in your own style. I have raised a question that on which side you will choose and I would like to hear the one which you would prefer for.

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    Cijo, you have picked on an excellent debatable topic.I believe that a choice between beauty and brain is always relational and need based. But as you wish it to be context focused and like to get a committed response to your question I will choose brain for an answer. It is the brain that (1) helped humans to shape tools to hunt and gather from the stone-age (2) served us to survive from the gigantic predators who roamed on the surface of planet earth (3) improved our lives through several inventions like jet travel, computers and internet (4) gave us all the creature comforts we enjoy these days like air-conditioned homes, luxury automobiles,touch-gadgets and so on and(5) caused Michelangelo to create sculptures of everlasting beauty and Beethoven to come up with his nine symphonies which have been acclaimed as cornerstones of western civilization.
    Also I am sure you have heard the oft repeated joke of beauty and brains attributed to playwright and critic George Bernard Shaw.

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    Then what about the world wars, imbalance in society, cultural discriminations, crimes, and all other harmful deeds done by humans. These are also coming from the same human brains. We are using our brain for the development of foreign countries and what is the use of educating such natives when all are eager to work abroad when they complete their course.

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    I would mostly prefer brain as it is very much essential for our future growth and we have to use it wisely so as to attain something extraordinary. But we should not avoid our inner aswell as our outer beauty too because whi knows one day you won't get a chance to act or get a nobel price for peace. I just pointed out this example to give a rough sketch on importance of beauty. So in my point of view its brain which is most preferable.

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    Yes binil, the point you raised has some logic in it and I sincerely hope for our people to bang the Nobel price for peace for his inner beauty. As you are font of your career and future goals, it is natural to be the person with brain. But I would like to earn both these qualities but in limited amount. I know that its obvious to wish for both but I only require i limited rate which I hope everyone can attain.

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    Yes. I would like to hear how others approach beauty on a contrary. Can beauty beat brain or is it the brain who is on top among them and mostly preferred by people.

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    In response to #7766 and other posts under it, I fully agree that WWI and II and similar heartless deeds are cruelty against humanity.But the second sentence in #7766, in my humble opinion, is contrary to the rubric of the discussion.Those points relate to globalization and quest for better employment or economic opportunities whereas the point under discussion here is that if we are to choose between beauty and brain, what will we like to get.
    Now coming back to the cruel nature of the brain, it is due to the very nature of creation-duality- light and darkness, rain and shine, male and female, love and hatred. To prevent recurrence of such atrocities, we humans have collectively bound ourselves under several laws, regulations, treaties.Those are remedies coming from the same source. When the brain goes wrong it can correct itself whereas beauty turning to ugliness cannot on its own become beautiful again.
    Brain can produce beauty through a cosmetic surgery, for an example.But how can beauty ever produce a brain?
    Just imagine a scene - you meet a mentally retarded child struggling to eat, drink, dress or urinate- some basic necessities of life. What will be your prayer for that child then? To give that child beauty or brain?
    Thus by ethos, pathos, nomos and logos brain appears superior and preferable to beauty. But we are all humans. There is nothing wrong if we covertly or overtly desire to get the brain of an Einstein and the beauty of a Cleopatra.
    I conclude my cent worth of opinion.Thank you all for reading it.

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