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    What decisions will you make in this new year ?

    Many people will now be thinking that they should take some decisions in this coming year by eliminating all the faults and defects made before. So I would like to hear from all the members of spiderkerala that what are the changes which you would wish to bring in you this new year. Share it with your life experience if possible. Thank you.
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    A new year is like an event to the Society as the birth day is to an individual. Many individuals take a look at the events of past and try to avoid the mistakes and try to set new goals in life. Similarly individuals of the society individually and collectively (many times indirectly) assess the past year's events and set new goals for itself.

    But there are many individuals and organizations of the society who feels such occasions like the birthdays or new years are to be celebrated for pleasure purposes than a self assessment and improvement.

    But there are many who take a balanced view to utilize the occasions to self assess for improvements and side by side have a bit of fun also.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    In this coming year I would like to mould me to be a nice human being and would also like to elevate my level in academics. Hope the coming year will be special for all and I wish a happy Christmas and a delightful new year ahead.

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