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    Do you trust all the online shopping sites ?

    It is seen that online shopping sites have raised up to a maximum level of popularity within few countable years. All the online shopping sites haves even managed to build up a strong trust between them and customers. Daily thousands and thousands of products are being sold from such sites which mainly includes all the electronic items. But recently it was noticed that several people are cheated by sailing out waste products or with plastic items. I have gone through many news recently which explained such mischief. So do you trust in such online sites for shopping or would go direct to market.
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    Online sites for shopping is a great boon for buyers. Most of the people know what the want to buy. So they need not see from a store to buy those items. Only those items which are new in the market may have to be seen and com pared with other comparable products. Even in such cases, web searches will give enough details without having to go and see the items. The online sites offer the luxury of ordering from any place at any time by phones or through systems.

    However in our country Online buying is not yet an accepted facility till now. This facility is being made use only by those in urban centers.

    Anyway the Online shopping is becoming a popular mode of buying. Wherever there is any activities becoming popular,there is the danger of swindlers starting their operation to trap the gullible buyers byway of inducements or some other attractions to to their online shops and cheat. But this is not special this field alone. So this need not deter us, but we have to be cautious about the sites we try to use.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    I came across many news and posts in social sites recently that many renowned online shopping sites have cheated on their customers. Once a person ordered an I-Phone, he finally received a big box with full of plastics and cardboards. Now what do you say sir ? What would have you done if you were that person ?

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    Yes Cijo you are right. I have also gone through that news. We cannot trust such online shopping sites with our eyes shut but as the offers on products is outstanding, it is useful for all but has to take some risk. More than that we can trust most of the sites as errors occurred are minimal.

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    Even though errors are minimal, if you are the one who is the one who suffered from thousands of customers them how will you feel. Such shopping sites would never take their products back and give you a new one if the pack if opened.

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    If we are making an online shopping then we have to do it with our own risk as there are chances to get tricked even though the sites are trusted one. As the system is automated, there are chances of getting hacked or error. So I would like to say that it is budgetary to by online but its more safe if you by through outside markets.

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    You can trust those online shopping sites which have follow these guidelines.

    1. Make sure that the web address of shopping sites begins with HTTPS: If the Website URL in the address bar starts with HTTPS (instead of HTTP), the page (website) is more secure. Never type passwords or other personal information unless you see the "HTTPS" (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure).

    2. A lock in address bar: A small lock icon in the address bar of shopping site also indicates a more secure connection for user, which makes it harder for a hacker to view the information that you type on website.

    3. Check the seal of approval: Make sure that the websites have been certified by an Internet trust organization. by which You can increase your privacy and security by shopping experience.

    You should not trust on below related sites

    Here are some reasons NOT to go to a shopping site:

    1. Receive a link in an email message that was sent by someone who you don't know.

    2. The sites offer objectionable content, such as pornography or illegal materials.

    3. The sites make offer that seem too good to be true. This can indicate a doable scam or the sale of pirated or illegal products.

    4. You are asked for Debit or credit card number as a verification of identity of user or for personal information that does not seem necessary for them.

    5. You are asked to provide Debit or credit card number on a page that does not start with Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) or does not include the lock icon.

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    I believe it. i love it. Thank you by megna

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