The Observation of S C on V S Atchuthanandan

The S C observation on the leader of Opposition, Sri V S Atchuthanandan (V S) is a correct assessment about him. V S is a senior leader with lo of experience in political struggle, strategy and tactics. The CPIM of which V S is a leader has gone a long distance from the original principles and tactics. Partly it is necessary as to meet the changes in Society to make the party relevant. But partly it has tended to go towards opportunism as is the case in all the political parties in India. As far as V S Atchuthanandan is concerned, he has gone far ahead of the party in this respect. It appears to be his tactics to indulge in such legal or other such activities not only against the opposite camp of the LDF namely the UDF, but against his own party colleagues also. He behaves as if he is the only Harischandra in Kerala, while there are allegations against him as to his giving land to his relation and favoring his son etc. He seems to be bothered that he will lose the benefits of the leader of opposition or chance of becoming CM again if the party, by chance get a chance to rule.

The court has clearly and accurately assessed him. His acts are similar to the attitude of the 'Dog in the Manger'. I hope Sri V S take note of the observation of the court and try to correct himself.